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– 72-page step-by-step facilitator manual
– Customizable 67-page participant manual
– 82 ready-to-deliver powerpoint slides
– Icebreakers, training games & exercises
– Further reading
– Course evaluation and action plan
– Expert training guides
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How you can leverage our training materials to deliver your own training courses on benchmarking

How people think about benchmarking has fundamentally changed. We’ve seen a considerable change happen as people and organizations see the need to continually improve and innovate.

And, understanding the need to continually improve is critical in business.

But in reality, it’s not enough — organizations also need to know how to identify best practices. And, in truth, isolating best practices can be difficult.

However, with the right course materials employees can be helped to focus on the right areas — both inside and outside of the organization.

How to deliver your own training courses

Do you want to deliver your own benchmarking course but are not sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve just not sure what training materials to include. Don’t worry, we can help.

Use these training materials to instruct your participants to effectively participate within benchmarking initiatives. Attendance at your course will help them improve the skills of participants at all levels within the workplace e.g., managers, team leaders, supervisors and front line staff.

What training professionals and business managers should know about delivering this course

In simple terms, benchmarking is one of those things that business managers and experts keep talking about. Yet, it’s a process that most are not clear on how to perform a benchmarking study.

At a basic level, it refers to how most companies achieve improvements. As such, benchmarking is an in-depth critical examination within a company. And, it involves exploring products or processes when compared with those of another company or across parts of a company.

At the end of the benchmarking course, participants will have developed a better understanding of benchmarking. And, they will also learn how to manage and participate within a successful projects.

These materials contain everything that you’ll need to deliver this course. And, the content can also be used within all types of leadership development programs.

Course overview

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided with this course.

What is benchmarking – Start the course by looking at best practices, standards, and outcomes. Next, use the content to instruct your audience on how to introduce a successful project.

Benchmarking projects – Then, explore the reasons why benchmarking projects are needed. And, how to scope this activity. Establish the source of a project statement. Next, use these materials to define an actual project. And, share how to focus on understanding processes and measures.

The project team – Outline how to build the project team and the roles required.

The benchmarking process – In this section, explore how to select the most appropriate approach to be used. This in turn will help to set the objectives of the project. And, will show how participants to prepare and plan activities. Next, explore the project plan using both desk-based benchmarking and site visits. This section ends by teaching participants how to review project findings. And, your audience will also learn about implementing any improvements and evaluating the project.

Why some projects fail – Finally, prepare your audience for possible obstacles by providing some of the reasons why some projects do not succeed.

Course objectives

Upon completion of this course, your participants will be able to:

– Understand the importance of benchmarking

– Identify the components of a benchmarking system

– Describe why benchmarking projects to fail

– Understand how employees influence benchmarking projects

– Develop a benchmarking project

– Identify the role of benchmarking

Customer stories

“I must really convey my appreciation to the work you guys are doing there, you are really making life a lot easier for people like me who conduct training as a part of our role within the organization & have no time to conduct a proper research to develop our modules.

Keep up the good work.”

Hisham I. Gadalla – PMP
Head – Supply & Distribution
PETRONAS Marketing Sudan Ltd.

“I have reviewed the program. I love the information! As always, content good! Are there new ones coming!!??

Thank you for your communication! Your company and products are awesome!”

Julia Demkowski, MBA/PM
Stanford MC

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