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For a company to be successful it must be constantly learning and evolving by incorporating best organizational practices.

But how easy is to use this learning to benefit a company? And can teaching staff about the best practices of other companies helping deliver results?

Benchmarking is essentially an in-depth critical examination within a company. It involves exploring products or processes so as to determine how it compares with another organization’s products or processes of which may be considered as being ‘best in class’.

Expand the range of courses that you can offer with the easiest to use and the most affordable training materials available for business managers and corporate trainers.

What’s Included

Our content will help your audience achieve their benchmarking goals. Engage your audience with a 72 page scripted facilitator manual and 82 Powerpoint Slides. This combination of materials provides trainers and managers with all the content needed to successfully deliver this course content.

We also provide a 67 page participant manual. This has been created in Microsoft Word for easy customization. And, it also contains all exercises, tests and further reading required.

Also included are 14 Expert Training Guides that will help you deliver this course to others.

Course Overview

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials. These are available when you order these training course materials on auditing.

What is Benchmarking? – Use these materials to teach your audience about best practices, standards, outcomes and how to introduce successful benchmarking projects.

The Benchmarking Process – Explore with participants the reasons why benchmarking pojects are needed and how to scope this activity. Establish the source of the benchmarking project statement and how to define the actual benchmarking project. And, focusing on understanding the process and measures.

The Project Team – Outline how to build the project team and the roles required.

The Benchmarking Process – Teach participants about the initial need to agree the approach, deciding on the objectives and how to prepare and plan the activities of the project. Look at why there is a need to implement the project plan using both desk-based benchmarking and possibly visiting other sites. Focus on the need to review the project findings, implement any identified improvements and evaluate the project and the benefits achieved.

Why Benchmarking Projects Fail – Prepare participants by providing them with some of the reasons why projects may not succeed.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of these training course materials on benchmarking, your participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of benchmarking.
  • Identify the components of a benchmarking system.
  • Describe why benchmarking projects to fail.
  • Understand how employees influence benchmarking projects.
  • Develop a benchmarking project.
  • Identify the role of benchmarking.