Personal Productivity




Learning Objectives

These training materials can be used to train staff to improve their personal productivity levels. You’ll receive training slides. Together, with a detailed facilitator manual. Plus, a participant manual. Not to mention, practical exercises.

As a result, your participants will learn how to maximize personal productivity. And, they will learn all about goal setting.

Plus, you’ll get content to teach others to:

  • Maximize personal productivity.
  • Focus on what is important.
  • Overcome procrastination
  • SMART objectives.
  • Remove obstacles.

Course Overview


  • Productivity In Action

Personal Productivity

  • Time Management
  • Benefits

Proactive Vesus Reactive Work

  • Planning
  • Urgency Versus Important


  • Learning
  • Making Commitments
  • Crisis Management
  • SMART Objectives

Obstacles To Personal Productivity

  • Communication
  • Clarity
  • Delegation
  • Removing Obstacles
  • Rating

What’s Included

  • 27 Page Facilitator Manual.
  • 51 Powerpoint Slides.
  • 72 Page Participant Manual.
  • 14 Expert Training Guides.
  • 3 Ready To Use Case Scenarios.
  • 3 Productivity Expert Handouts.