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How to get enterprise dynamics training materials that will save you time

One challenge that all course developers face is finding the time to develop enterprise dynamics training materials from scratch. On top of that, many business managers and training professionals shy away from creating content from also not knowing where to start.
Here’s a simple way that you can get all the practical content that you’ll need

You should just keep it simple

Creating content isn’t easy.

Fortunately, there are pre-written, customizable and instantly downloadable training materials that you can use.

Let’s look at the basics.

If you have aspirations of delivering a course to others, then using this content will give you everything that you’ll need. This is what you should be aiming for.

And, this is where this content comes in.

Let’s explore how you can deliver this training course to others. What the content will cover. Plus, some tips for getting you started and making sure it’s also right for your audience.

For best results, we suggest that you use the content to train others on how to better understand business environments. You can get the most out from this content by using it to explore marketing and key quality metrics. From there, you can then examine the role of people, products, processes and profit.

Course overview

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided.

Enterprise dynamics – Start the course by exploring the business environment and various dimensions of business design. This works really well as it easily demonstrates relevance to your audience. In fact, it’s the most important place to start. For most people their minds will be drawn to also think about change management. In fact, we’ve learnt that it takes time to discuss aspects of managing change so we suggest that you follow the course materials provided. And, no matter how you want to break things down, it is important to build on the course content and use examples of positive change from your own experience. Take note that this doesn’t mean pretending that change can’t be hard for some people. And, let’s be clear that it’s important to connect with your audience. Basically, this helps to build credibility with the course materials as well as being for the audience around you. But don’t stop there. Next you can use the content to examine resistors of change. And remember, to take time to acknowledge the importance of communication within companies.

Marketing and selling your product – Most people are interested in the areas of marketing and in particular selling. In fact, we’ve seen the dramatic shift on the focus on competitors and sales. Help your audience make a transition by using the content provided to explore these areas. Encourage your audience to consider factors that will get their messages across to their customers.

Innovation, quality and continuous improvement – Start this section, by examining the value of key quality metrics. From the beginning, you should stress the importance of innovation while paying close attention to continuous improvement. Most of all, use the content to highlight the central importance of quality. While many aspects are covered in this section, we also suggest that you add company or industry specific details.  This will help your audience gain a better picture of the role of innovation and continuous improvement.

The dynamic system – As the person delivering this course, one of your goals is to drive more awareness within your audience. So, make sure you’re using the content to explore the role of people, products, processes and profit. This makes sense considering most of your audience will most likely be trying to capture the dynamic nature of an enterprise. Take your time and explore all aspects of the content provided.

Course objectives

Upon completion of this training course your participants will be able to:

– Understand how an organization can maximize returns

– Identify key activities that impact on performance

– Understand the obstacles that exist

– Understand how this can have a direct impact on success

What you get

You will instantly receive the following training course materials to deliver your own enterprise dynamics training courses:

  • 47 page participant manual
  • 79 powerpoint slides
  • Practical exercises
  • Further reading
  • Course evaluation form
  • Action plan

Bonus free training materials available

You will also get the following free training guides:

  • Training icebreakers
  • How to select training materials
  • Training games
  • How to increase participation
  • Learn to improve your questioning skills
  • How to improve your listening skills
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people
  • How to evaluate training courses

Frequently asked questions from enterprise dynamics training courses

What are the different layers of a business environment?

One of the most important aspects of understanding enterprise dynamics is knowing the business environment in which you work. To illustrate, the business environment is composed of four layers:

  • The business world
  • Your defined market sector
  • Your supplier and customer
  • Your organization

What are the four dimensions of business design?

Most people may not be aware of the dimensions of business design, so it is important to identift with the following:

  • Customer selection
  • Value capture
  • Differention and strategic control
  • Scope

What are the signs of a functional organizational structure?

The structure of an organization can only be functional if it is aligned with:

  • Environmental factors
  • Strategic intentions
  • Organizational capabilities
  • Culture

What are the main drivers for change?

Change is a constant feature of all organizations. And, every organization may have different reasons to embark on a change initiative. Experience has shown that the primary drivers for change can also come from both internal and external sources. These include:

  • Market conditions
  • Competitors
  • Technology
  • Legal implications
  • Organizational imperatives
  • Demographics
  • Stakeholders

What are the main resistors of change?

Change may not always be welcome. And, there are several reasons for this. These include:

  • Ego
  • Fear
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Isolation
  • Culture
  • Comfort
  • Poor communication
  • Monopoly


What are the 4 Ps of marketing?

Marketing any product or service can be achieved through a traditional 4 P approach of:

  • What you to sell -- Product
  • What you charge for it -- Price
  • Where are you going to sell it -- Place
  • How people know it is for sale -- Promotion

What are the main benefits of innovation?

Here are the main benefits of innovation within the workplace.

  • Image
  • Profit
  • Survival
  • Attract/retain staff
  • Expansion

What is the PDCA cycle of continuous improvement?

The PDCA is an iterative four-stage model for continually improving processes, products/services and for solving problems. It is also known as the Deming Cycle and it is a continuous quality improvement model. It follows four logical sequence step of Plan, Do, Check and Act. To illustrate:

  • Decide on where the continuous improvement will focus
  • Set and communicate clear objectives
  • Plan the activities, schedule and resources


  • Implement the plan that has been agreed
  • Work towards the defined objectives
  • Record what the results are


  • Compare actual results to what was planned
  • Identify any areas where the correlation is poor
  • Prioritize any problem area for attention


  • Examine the prioritized areas
  • Re-define objectives where necessary
  • Modify the plan in terms of schedule, activity and resources

Can I edit these training course materials?

Yes. You can now add your own logo's and customize the course content freely using Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. You can also deliver the course materials where, when and as often as needed.


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