Materials To Deliver A Course In Presentation Skills


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Oak Innovation training materials make it easy for you to deliver a course in presentation skills.

These presentations skills training course materials will help develop the presentation skills of supervisors, team leaders, managers and line staff and will ensure you deliver a successful presentation skills training course.

How it works

These training course materials contain everything you need to deliver a one-day course in presentation skills. And, are specifically designed to build presentation skills across teams and individuals. These materials can also be easily integrated within all types of leadership development programs.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course in presentation skills, your participants will be able to:

– Deliver excellent presentations.
– Present with confidence.
– Create presentations that influence others.

Course overview

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided.

Introduction – The course starts by examining the basics of presentations.

Understanding the role of the presenter – Use the course materials to train your audience about managing first impressions. And, teach them about non-verbal communication. Then, explore the important aspects of non-verbal communication. This includes discussing the use of voice, the face, visual feedback and gestures.

Preparing with confidence – Next, use the content to explore the role of confidence within presentation environments.

Tools of the trade – This part of course in presentation skills can be used to instruct your audience on presenter notes and effective handouts. Then, explore the key benefits of visual aids, flip-charts and projectors. The content also examines presentation software.

Barriers to effective presentations – This section focuses on bad presentation skills habits that can develop if participants are not careful.

How to prepare for presentations – Focus attention on identifying the purpose of the presentation. This includes exploring the structure of the presentation and knowing about information versus data. And, also involves asking the right questions.

The environment – Use the content to explore the presentation audience, transitions, and handling questions. Next, use the materials to examine guidelines for a Q&A and how to handle a heckler.

How to present with confidence – In this section, the content can be used to help participants when kicking-off a presentation, “No-No’s” and how to deal with noise within presentation situations.

How to understand your audience – This final section looks at needs versus wants and Monroe’s Motivational Sequence.

What’s included

These course materials consist of a 29 page scripted facilitator manual and 37 Powerpoint Slides. Both are designed to provide you everything required to deliver this course in presentation skills.

We also provide a 98 page participant manual. This downloadable manual is available in Microsoft Word format for easy customization. In addition, this participant manual also contains all exercises, tests and further reading.

Bonus features

We’re excited to also include 14 Expert Training Guides and 4 Bonus Case Scenarios.

These downloadable case scenarios are a great way to help your participants to learn about presentation skills.

And, these offer extra content. Plus, they offer practical tips and demonstrate presentation skills techniques in real-life situations.

The key skills from these case scenarios include:

– Group working
– Study skills
– Information gathering
– Presentation skills


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