Materials To Deliver A Course In Conflict Management




These corporate training course materials on conflict management will suit business managers and corporate trainers that work in any business environment where conflict can exist. It can be used as a stand-alone training session or as part of customer driven type training programme.

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Now you can expand the range of courses you can offer with practical training materials in the area of conflict management.

Course Overview

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided.

Conflict Management – The course starts by providing your participants with an understanding definition of conflict. There can then be a discussion on the types of conflict that exist and the sources that occur within companies. Share with your audience insights on resolution roles that can also exist.

Handling Strategies – Use the content to provide your participants with an understanding of the importance of conflict management strategies.

Handling Styles – Help your audience to identify and understand various conflict management handling strategies.

Outcomes – This section looks at importance of having outcomes within any conflict management situation.

What’s Included

Download these training course materials that will add value to every training event. From the 39 page customisable participant manual, to the 66 powerpoint slides, the full power of the these course materials are available instantly.

Also included are 14 Expert Training Guides that will help you deliver this course to others.

In total, you’ll get around 8 hours of content to deliver this course.

These training materials can be used to teach participants about the types of conflict that can exist.

Participants will learn about conflict handling strategies. And, how to deal with conflict outcomes within companies.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of these corporate training course materials on Conflict Management, your participants will be able to:

– Understand the relationship between conflict and the organization.
– Identify sources and types of conflict.
– Appreciate different perspectives on conflict.
– Use various conflict handling strategies and styles.
– Identify conflict outcomes.


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