Competency Development


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Training Course Material On Competency Development

Are you looking for training content to deliver a training course on competency development skills?

Well, you can now download everything that you’ll need right here.

You can use this off-the-shelf and customizable training content to instruct your participants on competency development skills.

From the content, your learners will get to understand how competencies are a business driver. They will also learn about the critical components of competency development.

Your learners will also be introduced to various learning styles and how they can remove obstacles to competency development.

This course is suitable for all categories of employees.

What’s Included?

  • A 92 Page Instructor Guide
  • A 64 Page Participant Manual
  • 77 Customizable PowerPoint Slides
  • Ready-To-Use Training Games And Training Icebreakers
  • A Course Advertorial
  • Eight Pre-written Expert Training Guides
  • Customizable Exercises And Tests
  • Further Reading Lists

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training course your participants will be able to:

  • Understand how competencies can be a business driver.
  • Identify critical components of competency development.
  • Understand various learning styles.
  • Identify and remove obstacles to competency development.
  • Develop a competency-based approach.

What’s Covered?

There are 4 key sections of this training course.

1. Competencies
You can use this content provided to:

  • Explore a working definition of competencies.
  • Discuss the components of competencies and how they are at the center of conversations on how knowledge, skills, and abilities develop.
  • Outline expert advice and insights that highlight how leadership has become a crucial factor in the development of these skills.
  • Explore the role of interdependencies, the benefits of competencies, and the business-critical area of succession planning.

2. Competency mapping
In this section, the content:

  • Discusses competency mapping.
  • Explores key performance factors.

3. The stages of learning
The content in this section focuses on how to change perceptions about competency development. And, the content highlights the key factors involved in learning new competencies and explores key learning models (e.g., VAK).

4. Different types of learning
This section details the barriers to competency development skills.

Accessing The Course Content

On completion of your order, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a link to download the course content.

Once downloaded, you have unlimited access to this course content.

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Competency Development Training Materials
Competency Development