Icebreaker Activity: Desert Island Choices

To get participants to share their opinions, encourage listening, and to promote greater discussion in the group.


This is a variation of the desert island discs program where participants choose what records they would bring with them onto a desert island.

Ask participants of the training event to pick three things that they would bring with them if they were going to be marooned on a desert island.

You can give examples or specific areas if you like. To illustrate:

Books (great escapes may help)
Tools (Boatbuilding!)
CD’s (don’t forget CD player)

Discussion Questions
How can this exercise help us during today’s training event?
What do your choices tell you about yourself? Please explain your answer.
What do other choices tell you about them? Please explain your answer.
Having heard what others would bring, is there anything else that you would no bring with you

Appropriate Time Required
Flexible, dependent on group size.