Human Resource Management


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Human Resource Management

Most successful companies – whether small, medium-sized, or large – know they have to develop their staff in the area of human resource management in order to stay successful. But human resource management is a set of interacting areas that can be complex, wide-ranging, and most of all they can impact an organization’s productivity. That’s why so many companies are interested in developing skills in this area.

This practical and insightful training introduces learners to the range of skills and functions that this critical area covers from recruitment and selection skills to training and development. Learners will discover the importance of human resource management, the essential HRM functions, and will be introduced to a human resource planning process.

Additionally, this training will discuss the importance of recruitment and selection, outline the main types of compensation and benefits systems, introduce an effective performance appraisal process, and will discuss the function of training and development.

Now you can now instantly access Oak Innovation’s human resource management training and use it to deliver your own training courses. That’s the intent behind Oak Innovation’s human resource management training. Its practical training material makes it accessible to be used by training professionals to present their own training courses.

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Course Description

With companies experiencing rapid changes, demands to recruit qualified staff, changes with compensation and benefits, and innovations on how training courses are being presented, training professionals and managers struggle to find solutions. As a result, companies all seeking out new ways to develop their employee’s human resource skills to guide their organizations through these troubled times.

Fortunately, human resource management skills are skills that anyone can learn and ones which we can all improve.

Developed to be easy to present, this is a foundational training course on human resource management skills that focuses on the world of human resources.

Designed to be accessible for all categories of employees, learners will understand the importance of human resource management. Through engaging training material, discussion, and exercises, learners will learn about essential HRM functions, And, from the fully customizable and instantly available training material, learners will be introduced to a human resource planning process.

Topics covered also include the importance of recruitment and selection and the main types of compensation and benefits systems available.

Through hands-on exercises and examples, learners will also learn about an effective performance appraisal process and they will be introduced to the critical area of training and development.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of human resource management.
  • Appreciate the essential HRM functions.
  • Introduce a human resource planning process.
  • Understand the importance of recruitment and selection.
  • Detail the main types of compensation and benefits systems.
  • Introduce an effective performance appraisal process.
  • Understand the function of training and development.

Course Overview

There are 6 key sections of this training course.

1. Human Resource Management (HRM)
As the world continually changes around us, human resource management skills are necessary to help keep companies viable and effective

This section of the training emphasizes a working definition of human resource management and highlights the main concepts and functions involved.
These include:

  1. Human resource planning.
  2. Recruitment and selection.
  3. Compensation and benefits.
  4. Performance management.
  5. Training and development.

2. Human resource planning skills
Human resource planning (HRP) is basically the process that identifies current and future human resources need so that the organization can meet its present and future goals. As a result, human resource planning connects human resource management to the overall strategic plan of the company.

Human resource planning is a reliable way to build a productive workforce. Human resource planning is an area that’s taking on urgency but only if an organization is clear about what they need to achieve in the first place.

If a company goes about human resource planning without this clarity, it will only generate ineffective and inconsistent results. These are the main aspects to consider:

  • Demand analysis.
  • Supply analysis.
  • Estimate deficits/surpluses.
  • Develop an action plan.

In other words, human resource planning is key to helping everyone understand what human resources are needed to meet the strategic and financial goals of the company. The content in this section will:

  • Discuss the essential aspects of the human resources planning process.
  • Explore perspectives on human resource planning within companies.

3. Recruitment and selection skills
Selecting and recruiting the right candidate to fill a vacancy is a challenging task. In this section of the course, the training focuses on practical information about the phases of recruitment and selection process. These phases include:

  1. Perform a job analysis and job descriptions.
  2. Source candidates.
  3. The recruitment interview.
  4. Psychometric testing.
  5. Reference checking and making an offer.

4. Compensation and benefits
Throughout this human resource management training course, learners will experience hands-on and practical content which key detail, exercises, and further reading to better understand key functions of human resource management.

For example, the training in this section examines the five main types of compensation and benefits used within companies.

These are:

  1. Flat rate only.
  2. Flat rate plus payment by results.
  3. Merit pay.
  4. Profit/gain sharing.
  5. Piecework.

5. Performance management
In basic terms, a performance appraisal is an evaluation of an employee’s job performance against a documented set of goals. The training introduces the leading performance appraisal techniques that are available:

  1. Ranking.
  2. Paired comparisons.
  3. Critical incident technique.
  4. Free-form/narrative.
  5. Self-assessment.
  6. Assessment center.
  7. Performance.
  8. Rating.

This section also explores a simple process that can be used to complete this activity and highlights eight appraisal techniques.

6. Training and development
Change happens all the time, and being able to identify emerging training needs and developing a training and development strategy to meet these needs is critical. This section of this training will outline:

  • What is training?
  • The training cycle.
  • Approaches to training and development.
  • What is a training needs analysis?

Who Needs Effective Human Resource Management Skills?

  • Senior management that wants to strengthen their relationships with staff.
  • Managers, supervisors, and team leaders need human resource management skills to lead, manage and motivate their teams.
  • Administrative, support staff, and line staff that needs human resource management skills to maximize their engagement and participation within the organization.
  • HR professionals need human resource management skills to meet the needs of the departments that they support.
  • Project managers need human resource management skills to create more engagement and collaboration with their teams.
  • Organizational development professionals need human resource management skills to secure relationships and participation from all functions within the organization.
  • Consultants and independent contractors who are being asked to play a role in organizational initiatives.

What You Get

  • A 65 Page Participant Manual
  • 105 Customizable PowerPoint Slides
  • Training Games And Training Icebreakers
  • A Course Advertorial
  • Eight Pre-written Expert Training Guides
  • Customizable Exercises And Tests
  • Further Reading Lists

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Human Resource Management