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  • 63-page participant manual
  • 105 powerpoint slides
  • Practical exercises
  • Further reading
  • Course evaluation form
  • Action plan

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  • Instantly download all training course material
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How to deliver a training course on new manager skills

So many people out there want to know what skills, knowledge, and abilities they need to put in place to step into a managerial position.

In fact, we get messages from corporate training professionals and business managers all the time asking how they can put courses together for new managers. Many come to us begging for content. Often, they are also saying that not only don’t they know where to start but that they don’t have time to create the content that they’ll need.

Sound familiar?

Well, in our continued effort to extend as much actionable value as we can, we are in a position to share the training course material we use in our training courses for new managers. On top of that, we’ll outline how we would deliver the course as if we were delivering a training course for new managers.

Let’s explore how you can get access to pre-written easy-to-use PowerPoint slide decks, manuals, exercises, and guides that support and promote the development of new managers.

You want to be the best. The all-in-one download to get there is here.

Our training content makes it easy to convert customer needs into incredible training courses. The truth is, that if people have an incredible experience during this course with you that they will keep coming back to learn more from you. On top of that, it is likely that they will tell others and they too will want to attend your training courses in the future.

People are often surprised by this but we encourage you to add your logo and even company-specific examples to offer content that is simple and easy to deliver.

Swipe through sample training course material from this training course.

How to deliver this amazing training course

This new manager skills training course can be delivered to meet the challenges faced by new managers, supervisors, human resource professionals, owner-managers, and senior business officials that are looking to develop and enhance their management skills.

Before we start digging into the content, we first want to share some important tips that you should consider while you deliver the material provided.

These tips are important.

The first tip is that management roles aren’t for everyone. Sure, some take to it like ducks to water, but there are some challenges that face modern managers. Let’s put some figures to this discussion. Around 25% of managers surveyed in 2019 have never received any form of training.

The second tip is that new managers also divide their time across many roles and responsibilities. As a result, successful managers must possess a broader skill and knowledge base. An associated disturbing finding comes from a recent landmark Gallup study. They found that organizations fail 82% of the time to select the right candidate for managerial positions. And, that organizations continue to get this decision wrong over and over again.

The third tip is that research has estimated that the resulting active disengagement of employees from poor management selection and training costs the U.S. – $450 billion to $550 billion per year.

By now, you should already be seeing that management skills for a new manager are one of the most critical training courses to have in your training toolkit. Our customers frequently tell us of their challenges to help their new managers capacity to influence others and how to delegate more.

If you’re ready to start delivering a new manager training course, let’s explore what you will receive.

What you’ll get:

  • 63-page participant manual
  • 105 powerpoint slides
  • Practical exercises
  • Further reading
  • Course evaluation form
  • Action plan

Course outline

In an effort to provide you with as much value as possible, we’re going to show you how we would use the content provided to deliver the key sections of this training course.

What is an organization – What is the first thing your audience will think of when they hear the word organization? Most people will probably say, “that’s where I work.” We’ve all also heard the refrain of structuring activities, but in reality, the word gets thrown around so much that its meaning can be a little diluted.

There’s no simple solution. However, use the content provided first to explore what management is and what it’s not. Next, explore key concepts like division of labor and span of control. Then, examine the configuration, hierarchy, and structure.

Management theories – Understanding leadership skills will help your audience feel more prepared to perform their roles.

New managers need to explore fundamental management theories and how those theories can add value to their position. You should use the content to examine scientific management and classical management theories.

In today’s busy work environment, managers can overcome all manner of challenges. Especially when they have the necessary skills and experience. However, as they are new to their roles, there can be deficits in their skills base. And that’s why a new manager can advance their skills a lot quicker from research.

For best results, use the content provided to explore the Hawthorne Studies and Human Relations theory. Set aside some time to brainstorm on whether the results of these studies are observable within their respective companies.

Behavior – To be a successful new manager involves being informed about a lot of things and pretty focused. It’s what justifies the position, salary, and performance expectations. Many new managers can feel the pressure of expectations, and in many ways, these feelings are genuine.

In this section, use the content to explore systems and contingency. And discuss the functions and role of management. These discussions will ground your audience on a lot of the fundamental aspects of management. A great way to connect with your audience is to incorporate some personal reflections and, if possible industry-specific examples. This form of storytelling is essential.

The new manager – If your audience is like most new managers, you’ll have a group that wants to learn. However, and as a result, you may also have a group that just doesn’t know what they need to learn. This uncertainty happens, so don’t be surprised.

You should use the content provided to explore the 20th versus the 21st Century types of companies and high-performance teams.

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We’ve put together a whole range of informative slides, manuals, and free PDF packages to create a training course that is simple and easy to understand.

This training course material on new manager skills can be downloaded immediately after checkout.

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Because we want you to be the best

You have a story to tell, a business course to deliver, and experiences to share. These things are important to us also.

We shrink the process of creating training content so that you can deliver training courses that your audience will both learn from and will be excited to attend.

Explore how we’re partnering with our clients to change the way they deliver training courses. And, learn how our customers are continually meeting the needs of their clients.

“The sample module I obtained motivated me to purchase the entire set of 52! I immediately saw the value in being able to customize the materials to fit my audience and provide my clients with a choice of format (Powerpoint, Word, PDF). The attachments arrived in a timely fashion and were easy to access. I recommend these products to other coaches, trainers, and consultants who want an easy way to save hours and have presentations they can customize and call their own.”

Dr. James S. Vuocolo,
Master Certified Business & Personal Coach

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How to answer common questions

What is an organization?

An organization is a collection of interacting and interdependent individuals who work towards common goals. And relationships are determined according to a particular structuring of activity.

What is management?

Management is a process that exists to get results by making the best use of the human, financial, and material resources available to the organization and individual managers.

What theories have shaped the evolution of management thought?

Organizational theories can help others better understand what happens within companies and why people behave in the way they do.

Your audience must understand:

  • Scientific Management
  • Classical Organizational Theory
  • The Hawthorne Studies
  • Human Relations
  • Organizational Behavior

What are the four traditional functions of management?

Let’s highlight some of the most significant functions of management.

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Leading
  • Controlling

What roles should all managers excel at?

If you want people to manage people, you have to have the right skills at hand. For example, there are three crucial roles that the manager must excel at:

  • Interpersonal
  • Informational
  • Decisional

How has the traditional role of a manager been expanded?

The role of the new manager has expanded to include:

  • Strategist
  • Organizational Ambassador
  • Change Leader
  • Team Player
  • Problem Solver

Can I edit the content of this course?

Yes. You can now add your logo and customize the course content freely using Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. You can also deliver the course materials where, when, and as often as needed.

At last, the 52 amazing training courses to be the best

From global corporations to individual training professionals and business managers, we partner with people on their journey to deliver more types of training courses. This is why we do what we do.

Whether you’re just starting out or well used to delivering training courses, Oak Innovation has everything you need to meet the needs of your audience, engage participants, save you time, and ensure successful courses.

Start your training journey today

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