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Oak Innovation lets you extend the range of training courses that you can deliver by using training content on the work organization.

This training course combines an informative Powerpoint slide deck with an easy-to-follow participant manual and expert training guides making it perfect for delivering and branding as your own.

Get instant access to our amazing training course material on the excellent organization. Instantly save time. Skyrocket your training courses. And, so much more.

What you’ll get:

  • 43-page participant manual to encourage learning
  • 79 Powerpoint slides to frame the training course
  • Practical exercises to stimulate learning
  • Reading list for those that want to keep learning
  • Course evaluation form to improve future course delivery
  • Course action plan to achieve future objectives and goals

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How to deliver a training course on the excellent organization

Excellence within organizations should always be rewarded. People notice these things and respond favorably when they encounter excellence.

If you want to offer a course on the excellent organization we can get you started. And, in our continued effort to give you as much actionable value as we can, we’ll also show you how to deliver this course.

We’re all about getting you prepared with incredible content that will help you respond with even greater confidence. So, do make sure to also scroll down to explore frequently asked questions that often get asked on training courses about the excellent organization.

Now let’s see how this training material can be delivered and what you receive.

See who should attend and discover how to deliver this training course

You’re more than likely doing it all in your business, trying to meet so many demands and juggling lots of things in your mind. Plus, your time is precious and there can be a constant demand on what time you have left to meet your goals.

And, now you know you have to deliver a training course on the excellent organization.

Where will you find the time to do this as you can’t sustain all this demand?

Well, we have a fresh option for you – just download everything you’ll need.

Just imagine how it will feel to use this content to address the challenges faced by line-staff, human resource professionals, general managers, and senior executives who seek to advance their understanding of the work organization.

Now stay with us for a minute as we explore the most important themes of this course. We’ll also turn them into actionable value that you can use when you’re delivering this training course.

  • The first tip to remember is that the excellent organization tells a great story. And, as the standards of excellence, business success, and performance metrics continue to evolve, most companies will be looking to broaden their knowledge base. The truth is that it also makes sense for people to learn about excellence because they simply want to make their day-to-day work-life better.
  • The second tip is that to hit the right balance with your audience, you first need to identify what they need to about the excellent organization. To illustrate, most audiences are looking for a simple, practical course that will help them within their companies. This solution is especially the case for those that work within busy environments. As a result, it’s essential that your audience feels that they have spent their time wisely. And, that you have created an environment that fosters learning.
  • The final tip is to use the content to present a well-executed course that explores the main components of quality management and excellence. The content will also define an excellent organization. And, it will discuss key excellence awards. To illustrate, awards like the EFQM Business Excellence Model and the Baldridge National Quality Program. For each part of this course, we would encourage you to add company or industry-specific examples which will further aid learning.

What’s not to love about this training course material:

  • Instantly available so you don’t need to develop everything from scratch
  • Freedom to add your logo for the ultimate opportunity to brand everything as your own
  • Fully customizable so you can offer one-of-a-kind and unique delivery options
  • Total freedom to deliver the course where you want provides you with exceptional flexibility
  • All content is developed by industry experts offers you maximum confidence in the content
  • Everything is ready to deliver which saves you time and effort
  • Affordable so it won’t break the bank to get this training course material
  • No experience required so you’re guaranteed that this course is easy to deliver

Deliver the training courses you want to offer

Oak Innovation course content saves you time by giving you an all-in-one set of training course material that enables you to deliver your own courses and stay ahead of the competition. Oak Innovation is loved by industry-leading professionals and used by a large group of users around the world.

Linda Harley, Training & Development Manager, Musgrave SuperValu Centra

“Oak provides a wide range of training modules for both organizational, management, and employee development. The training modules and manuals are very well designed and offer a practical solution to the provision of training. As the Training and Development Manager of a large organization I will be using Oak products as they are practical, effective, and can be customized for the needs of our company.”

Derek Johnston, Centre for Competitiveness

“As always your materials are very professional and comprehensive. Not only the core materials supplied but all the supporting marketing and evaluation documents included, which can be very valuable to busy trainers who need to meet a customer requirement urgently.”

Thamer Al Qudaimi, Rawafid Corporate Training

“I went over the course materials. They are excellent materials.”

Explore more customer stories

Now, let’s explore what you will receive and how this content can be delivered.

Learning objectives

If you are looking for content to present your own business training course on the excellent organization, this is the course material for you. And, you don’t have to be an experienced business trainer to get results like a pro.

What you’ll get:

  • 48-page participant manual
  • 79 powerpoint slides
  • Practical exercises
  • Further reading
  • Course evaluation form
  • Action plan

At the end of this training course your participants will be able to:

– Understand what defines an excellent organization

– Describe the components of excellence

– Explain the forms of excellence awards available – Baldridge & EFQM Awards

– Understand the nature of excellence

Course outline

In an effort to provide you with as much value as possible, we’re going to show you how we would use the content provided to deliver the key sections of this training course.

Introduction – This section will sow the seeds of learning. Your audience is here to learn from both you and the material provided. Start the course by exploring what defines an excellent organization. Next, provide them with real value by looking at why we need excellence. This section is where you can also focus on roles and responsibilities.

Keep it simple and use the content to discuss core values and concepts. This approach will highlight the importance of the involvement that everyone has in delivering excellence. End this section by exploring quality versus excellence and the potential obstacles to excellence.

This section is critical when delivering this course within larger companies. Especially when the larger company has many layers or categories of staff. The more complex the company can increase the possible sources of resistance.

Try to incorporate examples from your experiences with the excellent organization, as this will foster more engagement. Understand that if these examples and experiences might seem small, they’re hugely crucial to embedding learning.

Criteria for excellence – For most companies, achieving excellence is a balance of optimizing internal structures and processes and obtaining the necessary operational aspects desired. This endpoint is especially important when considering excellence awards. Use the content provided to explore two key excellence awards – EFQM Business Excellence Model and the Baldridge National Quality Program. Practical examples will ground your audience in this area. So, you should use the content to detail examples of excellence. For the best results, you should use the material to outline the benefits of assessing excellence.

Excellence & strategy – To help your audience see the direct link between strategic management and excellence, you can use the content to explore critical concepts like vision, metrics, and innovation. Any discussions on policy and excellence will open lots of opportunities for highlight concerns, previous experiences, and any fears that your audience may have. Although this may seem like a challenge, it will, in fact, give plenty of scope to aid learning.

Continuous improvement – Most people have come across the concept of continuous improvement. But, many often find it very frustrating to work out how to achieve these improvements continually. From experience, one of the most important things to discuss is the role of leadership, and it’s role in implementing excellence.

Excellence and the customer – Offering your audience insights on the role of customer-driven orgnaization and excellence is central to this section of the course. Maximizing customer relationship skills is a crucial driver for excellence. When delivering the content provided, we would encourage you to share your own experiences. In particular, how any skills related to the information provided in the material. Use the content supplied to explore customer culture and excellence.

Amazing expert guides will get you to the place you want to be

Over the years, we noticed that some people, along the way, have asked for a little more creative input. And, let’s face it, there are times when we all need an extra spark to make our training courses shine even brighter.

So allow us to introduce our free expert training guides. An innovative collection of guides that mix inspiration, insights, techniques and skills, sprinkled with everything you’ll need to deliver a successful training course. These guides are a security blanket of experience just for you. With eight free training guides instantly available, and each jam-packed with value, it’s the easiest way to get ahead.

  • Training icebreakers
  • How to select training materials
  • Training games
  • How to increase participation
  • Learn to improve your questioning skills
  • How to improve your listening skills
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people
  • How to evaluate training courses

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How to answer common questions

What are the main characteristics of an excellent organization?

The main characteristics of an excellent organization identified by Peters & Waterman’ in their book ‘In Search of Excellence’ are:

  • Bias for action
  • Close to the customer
  • Autonomy and entrepreneurship
  • Productivity through people
  • Hands-on and value-driven
  • Stick to the knitting
  • Simple form and lean staff
  • Simultaneous loose, tight properties

What are the main concepts associated with excellence?

The main concepts associated with excellence are:

  • Results orientation
  • Customer Focus
  • Leadership and constancy of purpose
  • Management by Processes & Facts
  • People development and involvement
  • Continuous learning, innovation & improvement
  • Partnership development
  • Public responsibility

Why Do We Need Excellence?

Excellence allows an organizations to:

  • Meet customer’s expectations
  • Survive in the competitive environment
  • Focus on core competencies

What are metrics?

Metrics are what make performance visible and include:

  • What is measured?
  • How the measurement will happen
  • Why the measurement is taken
  • How the metric relates to the overall targets of the organization
  • How feedback on performance will happen

The system for measurement must be accurate and reliable to generate the metrics that are usable in assessing performance. The design and control of the measurement system will have an impact upon the effectiveness of the system.

Can I edit these training course materials?

Yes. You can even add your own logo and deliver the training course materials as your own.

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