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How To Get Amazing Training Course Materials On Decision-Making Skills That Will Save You Time

Creating training content on decision-making skills is a nuisance.

Plus, it takes a lot of time.

Resist the urge to develop all this content from scratch. And, let Oak Innovation’s amazing training course material do the heavy lifting for you.

Everything is instantly available.

You have what you need when you need it.

Sounds good, right?

Let’s get you started by highlighting some staggering research findings.

To illustrate:

  • Gartner identified that poor operational decision-making generates upward of 3% of profits.
  • Forbes Insights, reveal that 84% of CEOs are worried about the quality of the data that they’re basing their decisions on.
  • McKinsey Global Survey stresses that only 20% of respondents said their organizations excel at decision making. And, only 30% of all respondents said that they were familiar with the different types of decision-making techniques available.
  • And, a Clear Company study highlights that 74% of employees say that a lack of professional development is preventing them from reaching their full potential.

Notice how these findings paint a clear picture?

Instantly download Oak Innovation’s amazing customizable training course material on decision-making skills. And, deliver your own training courses.

But how?

Keep reading.

Top Companies, Trust Oak Innovation

Course Description

Effective decision-making skills are the focus of this training course material

And, this amazing content is designed also to be accessible for all categories of employees.

Use the content to discuss the main obstacles to effective decision-making. Introduce an effective decision-making process. Share how to deal with uncertainty and risk. Highlight a range of techniques available. And, explore the benefits of an effective decision-making process.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training course, your participants will be able to:

  • Identify the main obstacles to effective decision-making.
  • Understand the decision-making process.
  • Understand a range of techniques.
  • Explain the benefits of a decision-making process.

Course Overview

There are 4 key sections in this training course material.

Read this course overview through your audience’s eyes. And, visualize how delivering this course impacts them.

Also, imagine how this content will save you time.

1. Decision-making skills
Successful decision-making is a business-critical skill.

Sharpen your delivery and using the content provided to:

  • Explore the advantages of better decision-making skills.
  • Highlight that ownership of decisions must be with those that will implement solutions.
  • Demonstrate the need to better utilize resources. Especially, knowledge-based resources.

2. The main types of decisions
Not every decision will be taken successfully.

Pay attention to the content provided and explore the different types of decision-making that can exist.

3. The decision-making process
Use the content to enchant your audience.

And, introduce a six-step decision-making process.

To illustrate:

  1. Understand the underlying decision problem.
  2. Identify ways to eliminate or reduce critical uncertainties.
  3. Identify future decisions linked to the primary decision.
  4. Understand the complexity of the relationships.
  5. Decide what to do in the fundamental decision.


  • Focus on practical steps to improving decision-making skills.
  • Highlight the correct set of decision-making skills needed.

4. Decision-making techniques (Part 1)
Decisions often need to be taken quickly and effectively.

To make your delivery more vivid:

  • Explore a range of effective decisions making techniques.
  • Discuss the PMI technique
  • Highlight the use of decision trees and fault trees.
  • Examine the importance of disconfirming questions.
  • Outline the use of prospective hindsight and the body-frame technique.

Next, use the content to discuss the six main decision-making techniques available.

For instance:

  1. PMI.
  2. Decision trees.
  3. Fault trees.
  4. Disconfirming questions.
  5. Prospective hindsight.
  6. Body frame.

5. Uncertainty and risk
The simple foundation for delivering this training course is to focus on uncertainty and risk.

6. Decision-making techniques (Part 2)
Nurture your delivery style and explore different decision-making techniques.

To illustrate:

  • Linked decisions.
  • Trade-offs.
  • The even-swap method.

What You Get

  • 76 Customizable PowerPoint Slides.
  • 44 Page Editable Participant Manual.
  • 17 Free Training Games.
  • 17 Free Training Icebreakers.
  • 12 Practical Expert Training Guides.
  • 2 Course Tests.
  • Unique Course Activities/Exercises.
  • Practical Reading List.
  • Customizable Course Advertorial.
  • Shareable Action Plan.
  • Free Lifetime Access.

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11 reviews on
Nicole Harris
Nicole Harris
I had the opportunity to thoroughly review the training content and I am extremely pleased with the structure, training material and learning objectives. The quality of the content is Excellent!
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Darryl Treadwell
Darryl Treadwell
Oak Innovation's product are extremely well designed and contain additional information, reading materials, and resources that add great value to their already valuable products. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable, professional, engaging, and very responsive. These courses will provide a solid foundation for your training needs.
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Christy Crump
Christy Crump
I purchased the full offering of training programs from Oak Innovation a few years ago. I still refer back to the trainings after all these years. Their trainings are professional, organized, and full of pertinent information.
Read more
Richard Whelan
Richard Whelan
The training materials are comprehensive, professional, to the point and great value. Together with handbooks are a great resource which saves so much time as a training provider. I have been using Oak for nearly 20 years. Thanks to the team at Oak Innovation
Read more
Jeffrey Buller
Jeffrey Buller
As someone who’s been involved in training for more than twenty years, I’ve never known a resource that’s as consistently valuable as Oak. I’m always amazed at their willingness to provide purchasers of their complete range of presentations regular updates and new training packages at no additional cost. That makes my purchase become more valuable all the time. And their speed in responding to questions is phenomenal. One of the sessions I often provide is a Training the Trainers workshop. In it, the very first resource I encourage people to purchase is the library of resources from Oak. These packages have made my job infinitely easier, and I recommend them to anyone who’s looking for the highest quality in training materials. Jeffrey L. Buller, Senior Partner at ATLAS Leadership Training
Read more
GK Lim
GK Lim
“During the early days of HRD Gateway, a 40,000-member international NGO dedicated to excellence in HRD/HRM, I got to know Des Fitzgerald (Oak Innovation) and his courseware. I become one of his early customers. I had clients in Asia who wanted training in certain areas. Instead of searching through the net for material, I logged onto his site, found what I wanted, bought his programs, and customized them to suit my clients requirements. The process saved me much time. Later, I bought the Oak full set of courses. Over the years, I saw Oak grow from a small operation to what it is today. That takes dedication and focus. Because they allowed me to download updates and new versions of the courseware, I found I did not have to go to another provider for my raw material." GK Lim President, HRD Gateway International
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Stephen Fraundorfer
Stephen Fraundorfer
WOW!!! An extremely thorough program. Covered the subject from beginning to end.
Read more
Rey Carr
Rey Carr
Oak continually attends to the needs of various businesses and either creates or adjusts training modules on a variety of topics to be self-contained, practical and easy to use. And they stand behind every product with personal service."
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Tom Heck
Tom Heck
I've developed an alliance with Oak -- a company that has developed a wide assortment of training "modules" that you can download right now. When you download a module you own it forever and have permission to edit it, customize it (logos, etc.) and deliver the module as many times as you like. You receive a Word document, PDF, PowerPoint and comprehensive participant manual and your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. The modules are designed for trainers, coaches and consultants looking to increase the range of products and services they can offer their clients. Oak content is also ideal for managers and employees looking to extend their knowledge of organizational, management and employee titles. Tom Heck, President, International Association of Teamwork Facilitators
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John Paul
John Paul
“It is excellent - covers all of the important aspects and explains the topics in a very easy to understand format. The entire training is nice looking, professionally prepared and very participant friendly. You do an outstanding job of creating training modules that are practical and easily adapted to most training sessions." John Paul, Partner Association Works
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