Change Management


Get corporate training materials on change management that you can use to deliver your own courses.

Business Managers – use these training materials to train your teams.

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These corporate training materials on change management can be used to deliver your own courses.

These course materials consist of a 70 page scripted facilitator manual and 71 Powerpoint Slides. Both of these are included to help trainers and managers to deliver this course content.

We also provide a 54 page participant manual. This downloadable manual is available in Microsoft Word format for easy customization. In addition, this participant manual also contains all required exercises, tests and further reading.

We also include 14 Expert Training Guides that can be used to improve the delivery of these training materials.

We have removed all the traditional restrictions with sourcing training course materials on change management. And, we permit the unlimited customization of our content. Download and use these course materials to generate:

  • A Greater Return on Investment
  • No Restrictions on Use
  • No Restrictions on Customization
  • Ownership of the Training Process
  • Company Branding
  • Build Greater Internal Capacity

  • These materials contain everything you’ll need to deliver a one-day workshop.

    Upon completion of these course materials, your participants will be able to:

    • Understand change.
    • Identify and overcome obstacles.
    • Understand the impact of change.
    • Understand the need for a sound change process.

    The following topics are covered within these support materials.

    What is Change?

    • Drivers For Change
    • The Change-Adept Organization
    • Types
    • Dimensions

    Preparing For Change

    Resistance To Change & Why Change Doesn’t Work

    • Dealing with Ambiguity

    Why Do We Need More Change Leaders

    • Focusing The Change Effort
    • Real Change Leaders
    • Fighting Complacency

    Communicating & Implementing Change

    • Communicating A Change Project
    • Common Mistakes
    • Critical Control Points
    • Stakeholder Involvement
    • Implementing Change
    • Coping With Change

    These corporate training materials on change management are designed for corporate trainers and managers. They can be customized to include your own logos and can be delivered as your own.