Time Management Skills


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Duration: 1 day.

Audience: Business professionals.

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Time Management Skills

Improving Time Management skills will provide benefits throughout your audience’s professional and personal lives.

This Time Management training course material will give managers and employees the the basic tools to better manage their time. In addition, you can use the materials to teach participants how to avoid procrastination so as to improve workflow.

From the Time Management training material your participants will also learn how to set SMART goals.

Targeting these areas is essential for customers seeking learning materials to present personal development training courses.

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This package includes 74 slides, a 53-page workbook, 17 free training games and icebreakers, 12 practical guides, assessments, and more. Whether you need to improve prioritization, overcome procrastination, manage interruptions better, or implement time management systems, this training content covers it all.

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Learning Outcomes

This time management training course material aims to help learners to:

  • Understand time management.
  • Understand a range of tools, techniques, and concepts.
  • Use these techniques to build a time management process.
  • Explain the benefits of an effective time management process.


Topics Covered

1. Introduction to time management

  • Essential time management skills.
  • Practical tips and approaches to deliver positive outcomes for a company.
  • What is time management.
  • Time as a commodity.
  • Habits, types of time, and the concept of estimating time.

2. Time management principles

  • Critical theories like the Spent Time Matrix and a Quadrant 2 Person.
  • Time-based management.
  • Focusing on time and resources.
  • Pre-analysis of performance, goals, and objectives.
  • The concept of systemization.

3. Productive work

  • Productive work.
  • The difference between productive work and busy work.

4. Crisis management

  • Definition.
  • Poor crisis management and poor time management.

5. Planning and stress

  • Planning as a source of stress.
  • The use of prioritization to avoid disorder.
  • Rules for managing time.
  • How to handle emergencies.

6. Planning

  • The important role that planning plays in managing time.
  • Key approaches and concepts.
  • Time management systems.
  • Quality time.
  • Managing your phone.

7. Tips and techniques

  • Time logs.
  • Documents.
  • Managing interruptions.


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