Team Workshops: How To Set Up A Minefield Game

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The minefield game is a popular team-building activity used in workshops and as part of using the critical part method within project teams.

The purpose is to build trust, communication skills, strategy, and teamwork.

Participants must guide a “blindfolded” teammate through a minefield (represented by objects on the floor) by giving them verbal directions.

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  • Set up: Use tape, ropes, or furniture to create a “minefield” path on the floor with obstacles. Scatter soft objects like balls or stuffed animals as “mines”.
  • Equipment needed: Blindfolds, path materials, soft objects as mines, stopwatch.
  • Time required: 30-60 minutes
  • Participants: 5-15 people, break into teams of 2-3. Best for colleagues who work together directly.
  • Roles: One person is blindfolded and must walk through the minefield path relying only on verbal directions. The other teammates guide them by shouting directions from the start point.
  • Rules: The blindfolded teammate cannot touch any mines. If so, they must return to the start. The fastest team time wins.

Facilitator Role

  • Set up the minefield and explain rules.
  • Time each team and ensure safety.
  • Lead debrief discussion after.

Participant Role

  • Guide blindfolded teammate with clear directions.
  • Listen to and trust teammates’ guidance.
  • Avoid mines and complete the path.

Debrief Questions

  • How did it feel to trust your teammates?
  • What communication strategies worked or didn’t work?
  • How would you improve teamwork next time?
  • How was this similar to workplace scenarios?


The minefield game builds trust, communication, strategy, and teamwork in a fun, hands-on activity.

With proper set up and facilitation, it engages colleagues and provides insights to improve collaboration.

The debrief discussion allows teams to reflect on takeaways. We hear this from customers that have ordered our full set of courses.

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