About Oak Innovation

Oak Innovation is your ever-available course content partner. Build personalized training and development experiences, drive more courses, and take your training delivery to the next level with Oak Innovation.

Our course content is affordable, flexible, and practical. Plus, it can be delivered by training professionals and business managers to meet the training needs of any business or individual.

Why did we start Oak Innovation?

In a nutshell, we were tired of seeing courseware companies charging inflated prices for restriction-laden training course material. We were also frustrated to see people and companies being tied into keys-to-use type contracts.

So back in 1995, our founders, Des and Kay Fitzgerald identified a need to offer customizable training content that could be used to deliver incredible training courses.

Way back then, there was a belief that all training material should be delivered from scratch. But we knew there was a better way to help business managers and training professionals access content.

Since our first website, we have been uniquely positioned in the training content industry. From our early beginnings, we’ve designed training material to offer new opportunities and solutions.

How can we help you?

In an instant, we offer you unprecedented control over your training courses. In truth, we actively give you everything that you’ll need to deliver the courses yourself.

We are on a mission to bring content to people. And, to make training courses more rewarding for everyone involved.

Whether you’re looking to deliver training to course a small team or across a corporate structure, Oak Innovation is here to help you to unlock the power of training content.

Our training content makes it easy to convert customer needs into incredible training courses. We encourage you to add your logo or even company-specific examples to deliver practical content as your own.

About our founders

Des Fitzgerald has an honors BA in Psychology, an MSc in Cognitive Science, and an MBS in Human Resource Management. Des has also worked within a broad range of organizational development roles.

Kay Fitzgerald has an honors BA in Early Childhood Studies, a Masters in Health Promotion, and a National Certificate in Training and Development.

Kay became the CEO in 2012.

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For today’s customers, content is everything. That’s why we go further to help you offer amazing training courses. Saving you time, while increasing the type of training courses that you can offer.

Get over 50+ training courses – PowerPoint slides, training manuals, and expert training guides.

Get every course for only $10 each!!

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Get 50+ training courses for only $10 each.

So if you were waiting for the perfect time to seize this opportunity, the time is now.

Insert your logo and start delivering your training courses now.

Because, it’s that easy!

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