Oak Innovation was founded with the simple belief that we’re all busy.

Plus, that we all want to save time to allow us to do more of the things we love.

In particular, we are fascinated by the idea that we can save corporate trainers and business managers time. We do this by providing them with customizable training course materials that they can use to deliver their own courses.

In a nutshell:

Business Managers – get content to train people in their teams.

Corporate Trainers – get materials to run more types of courses.

In total, we over 50+ types of soft skills corporate training materials that others can use to deliver their own courses.

It’s that easy and it’s that simple.

And, nearly twenty-five years later we’re still love what we do.

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Where Are We Based?

Our main office is located in Ireland. And, we serve professionals 24/7 via our online store.

How To Contact Us About Our Training Materials

As always, be sure to keep in touch. And, let us know if we missed anything.

We are always ready to help.

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Start your own training library with two free courses on Coaching and Mentoring and Time Management.