What We Do

At Oak Innovation, we develop training course materials that make it possible for more people, in more places, to be able to deliver the types of soft skills training courses that they want to.

Oak Innovation provides training course materials that can be used by HR professionals, leaders, managers, business training professionals, coaches and anyone interested in training staff as part of their role.

Every slide, every manual, and every guide is created to provide you with content that you then can use to deliver your own training courses.

Whether you have lots of course development experience, some experience or none at all, we know you’ll know the benefit of getting instant access affordable training course materials.

Prices are always a fraction of the cost of developing the materials from scratch or getting content from other providers. And, you’ll know exactly what you are going to instantly receive and what your participants will learn.

How We Started

Oak was founded by Des and Kay Fitzgerald. And, since 1995 Oak has been developing and providing training materials across a wide range of sectors.

Des Fitzgerald has an honours BA in Psychology, a MSc in Cognitive Science and an MBS in Human Resource Management. Des has also worked within a broad range of organizational development roles. Kay Fitzgerald has an honours BA in Early Childhood Studies, a Masters in Health Promotion and a National Certificate in Training and Development.

Over these years Oak has developed it’s online presence. Oak has also been an innovative developer of training course materials for specific situations and clients.

To illustrate, Oak spearheaded and project managed the “Competitiveness Through Partnership” European Funded Project with Apple in Ireland.

The program was focused on developing cutting edge business awareness training course materials that could help Apple deal with the massive change that it’s company was experiencing in Ireland at that time.

In particular, this initiative was created to help to Apple transition from an 80% manufacturing base to 20% manufacturing focus. This vision for operations involved the new introduction of a Call Centre and Apple Store, the migration of existing staff across roles and functions. This also involved recruitment of new staff and training of staff to meet this new focus.