why do change projects fail?

Personal Development

By Kay Fitzgerald
Last Updated January 02, 2021

What would happen if every change project succeeded?

And how would we learn to innovate from mistakes?

Imagine that ...

Well, change projects Won't always succeed

And, here are some of the skills that cause these failures

In our experience, change projects need the following skills: 
- Political
- Analytical
- People
- System
- Business


This is because organizations are social systems and people can be political.

Change leaders need to master these environments to succeed. 


In change management programs "guessing" simply won't do.

The ability to analyze operations and finance is essential.

Your success depends on it.


Lack of the following skills can cause projects to fail, and for good reason. 

- Communication
- Empathy
_ Emotional Intelligence
- Facilitation 
- Appreciation

People Skills

Lack of system skills will impair change projects.

The ability to design and improve systems is essential.

system skills

Change projects need excellent business skills! Understanding how the company works and the ability to communicate with all sections is crucial. 

Business Skills

Master these skills and you will be better positioned to deliver successful change projects.

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