The Benefits of Benchmarking performance

Personal Development

By Kay Fitzgerald
Last Updated December 23, 2020

Have you ever wondered whether there is a secret to benchmarking performance?

Does it sometimes feel like it's an uphill struggle without any answers?

We've been studying benchmarking performance for many years and believe there are some really easy steps you can adopt.

When you start a benchmarking project, you literally need to makes sure that it's structured as a project, removing any doubt that there's a start, middle and end. 

A Project


With intention, you need to make sure you incorporate definite project objectives and realistic timelines.

Clear Objectives And Timelines 

When you undertake any benchmarking project you're going to need to ensure that all activities are appropriately resourced.



It is crucial that from the outset the project is always shown to be of benefit and not a way to find blame with people or processes.

For Benefit And Not Blame

Successful benchmarking projects schedule the contribution of whatever personnel that are necessary.


Success spreads through people. Embrace these successes but never hide things that didn't work. Everything is a source of learning.



When you keep these steps in your mind, you'll find it easier to benchmark performance anywhere.

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