Why Customer relationship management is A Process

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By Kay Fitzgerald
Last Updated January 02, 2021

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CRM can be regarded as a process which has:

- Identifiable inputs
- Identifiable outputs
- Components transfer inputs to outputs
- Critical points that must be managed

Customer Service As A Process

The process blends together:

- Information
- Products
- Service
- People
- Communication

End Result = Customer Focused Solution

Customer Service As A Process

Key Point:

Customers do not get service from the company, nor it's systems

Customers get service from "people"

A growing interest in the use of software solutions.

These are very useful but only part of the solution and a need for h-CRM.

Human - Customer Relationship Management

Customer Service As A Process

We believe that it is important to mention that these processes operate where there may be constraints like:

- Resource availability
- Knowledge of the customer
- People skills


Additional constraints include:

- Aggressive competitors
- Supply chain issues
- Legal and political requirements
- Accessibility


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