The four dimensions of business design

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By Kay Fitzgerald
Last Updated December 23, 2020

What would happen if every company knew the basic principles of business design?

And what would happen if they used this knowledge wisely?

Imagine that ...

So, let's explore the four dimensions of business design and the simple questions that every company should be asking

In our experience, the first dimension concentrates on who does the organization want to serve.

There is no shortcut to this step.



Who exactly does the organization want to serve?

What exactly do they need from the organization?

To Ask


What exactly can the organization reasonably expect to charge for its products and services?

Where are the customers situated and
how can they be best served?

To Ask


No matter what business you are in the second dimension focuses on how does the organization expects to make a profit.

This is essential information.



How will the organization maximize profit from dealing with customers?

How does the organization control the
cost base associated with the

To Ask


All companies can feel pressure from external forces.

As a result, the organization needs to be clear on how the profit stream will be protected.

Strategic Control


How will the organization protect the profit stream?

What will make the organization
profitable in the long-term?

To Ask


What critical control points exist that will determine longer-term success?

To Ask


We believe that knowing what activities must be performed by the organization is an essential dimension of solid business design.



What activities must the organization perform to meet the challenges
presented to it?


To Ask

What best practices can be adopted?

What activities currently undertaken
fall outside the requirements can
be stopped?


To Ask

When you can answer these simple questions You'll have the foundations of excellent business design

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