Do We need to have customers?

Personal Development

By Kay Fitzgerald
Last Updated January 02, 2021

People or organizations who are users of the product or service generated and provided by you.

Customers Are?

Internal customers are people in your business that are dependent on you for:

1. Materials
2. Information
3. Instruction
4. Participation
5. Assistance


Seen as "traditional" customers.

1. They pay for your products/services
2. They exist "outside" the company
3. They can be approached by competitors
4. You can lose them


- Customers have needs
- These create demand
- Demand creates orders
- Orders generate production

Do We Need Customers?

- Production allows supply
- Supply satisfies demand
- Customers pay for this satisfaction

Do We Need Customers?


Yes, as without customers, there is no money and without money, there is no business.

Do We Need Customers?

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