The Benefits of coaching and Mentoring

Personal Development

By Kay Fitzgerald
Last Updated December 23, 2020

In a world full of information we all can feel drowned by all the information out there.

Do you ever feel like that too?

You're not alone.

Let's explore the benefits of coaching and mentoring because they are really quite Amazing.

In our opinion the benefits received include:

1. Job satisfaction
2. Further development of their own skills
3. Involvement in strategic activities

To The Coach/Mentor

At an employee level, the benefits received include:

1. Increase in skill level
2. Access to new knowledge
3. Individual development attention
4. Career path progression

To The Employee

The benefits received include:

1. Retention of staff
2. Retention of key knowledge and skills
3. Succession ability within the team
4. Motivation of staff

To The Department

The benefits received include:

1. Retention of staff
2. Increased knowledge and skills levels
3. Succession planning
4. Competitive advantage
5. Maximum use of resources

To The Organization

As can be seen, the benefits of coaching and mentoring can be extensive.

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