Barriers to competency development

Personal Development

By Kay Fitzgerald
Last Updated December 23, 2020

Do you ever get tired of all the clever advice telling you need to learn but never showing you how?

Discover the barriers to competency development and let the learning begin.

In our opinion these are the main barriers to competency development:

- Resources
- Environment
- Style
- Time
- Attitude
- Experience

Six Barriers To Avoid 

It might seem obvious but without these resources any initiative will fail.

1. Information
2. Personnel
3. Time
4. Money
5. Facilities
6. Attention


It is essential that aspects in the environment:

1. Support for the learning of competencies
2. Safe trial zones
3. Recognition of the value of learning
4. Competency driven activity


As content providers we know first hand that the style of learning delivery must consider:

1. Learning stage
2. Preferred learning style
3.Capabilities of the learner and teacher group


It's like with the development of any skill, the allocation of time must meet:

1. The delivery of learning material
2. The learning process
3. The expected completion date


For competencies to emerge it requires a coming together of three attitude levels:

1. The person learning the comeptency
2. The person transferring the skills
3. The attitude of the company


All learning is experiential so past experiences can:

1. Damage current ones
2. Enhance current ones


Struggling to develop competencies can be a real challenge if these barriers are not tackled.

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