7 Laws of learning

Personal Development

By Kay Fitzgerald
Last Updated December 23, 2020

Have you ever wondered about the secret to learning new competencies?

We've been studying this area for years and we've come across a lot of great pearls of wisdom. 

Check out these seven laws of learning that will help you on competency development initiatives.

The law of disuse

If a competency is not used then it will be forgotten.

As a result, it is essential to review and reinforce learning as it occurs.

Law of

Here, the learning process has an effect on the likelihood of learning. 

The process needs to be focused, friendly, and fair.

The Law Of Exercise

The more often a competency is practized, the more proficient the use of it becomes.

And, the learner moves faster to what is known as unconscious competence.

Law of

New items and things that are at the end of the learning process will tend to be remembered.

You should reinforce what is learnt in the middle of this process.

Law of Readiness

If the learner is not motivated or ready to learn, then very little lesrning will occur.

Law of Association

Linkages and interdependencies between knowledge chunks allow association to reinforce the learning process.

The law of Intensity

Greater competency development will occur by stimulating interest and making the learning more memorable.

When you understand these laws of learning, you will be better positioned within competency development programs.

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