six ways to start coaching

Personal Development

By Kay Fitzgerald
Last Updated January 02, 2021

Do you ever feel that you just don't know how to start coaching others?

You're not alone ...

DO YOU EVER FEEL THAT YOU JUST push past all the theory and just start coaching others.

let's explore the main approaches that are used within coaching Initiatives.

Here's how to get started:

  Using feedback
- Performance management
- Team agreement
- Individual agreement
- Practice clients
- Part of a change initiative

The Six Ways To Get Started 

The simplest way to start coaching staff is through the use of feedback.

Both parties need to be clear that the "feedback" is designed to be constructive.


This is an objective review of performance.

It is grounded within a clear positive purpose of development. And, seen as a learning opportunity.


Team coaching initiatives offer an unrivaled opportunity to maximize the benefits of a coaching program.

It is essential that clear written agreements are generated to focus activity.


Individual coaching initiatives are what most people think when they hear the term coaching.

The type outlines the partnership agreement that will bind and guide all activity.


This is a situation where the person agrees to be coached with the clear understanding that the program will incorporate and test different approaches.


There is a clear line between the success of change initiatives and coaching programs.

The backdrop of change offers clear motivators to stimulate learning and participation.


no matter how tough coaching sessions may seem initially, it's so important to persevere.

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