3 Key effective coaching skills

Personal Development

By Kay Fitzgerald
Last Updated December 23, 2020

Have you ever stopped and thought what the key coaching skills of effective coaches? 

We're talking about the key skills that every coach that wants to be effective should possess.

In our experience, all coaches must be excellent at: 

1. Communication
2. Providing feedback
3. Giving instruction

3 Effective Coaching Skills

Connect with people anywhere with the following effective communication skills.

1. Listening skills

2. Questioning skills


- Actively listening to the coachee

- Gathering verbal and non-verbal behavior

- Checking for understanding

Listening Skills

Skills for every coaching situation

Use questions to:

- Facilitate the process
- Gather further information
- Challenge the coachee

Questioning Skills

build awarenessand deliver results

Three main components:

1. Information must be accurate
2. Emotional aspects must be managed
3. Intent must be clear

Providing Feedback

Reach more people with these skills

This can be needed if:

1. The coachee is tired
2. There is significant time pressure
3. The process is complex
4. The coachee is upset/panicking

Giving Instruction

Remember, that these skills need time to develop as you realize your potential as a coach.

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