Web Stories

We’re excited to be now offering Web Stories.

These stories are web-based versions of some of the amazing training courses that we offer. This visual format will let you explore our content at your own pace and also share everything easily.

To explore any of the stories simply tap through it, or swipe from one piece of content to the next.

Here are a few of our newer web stories:

The benefits of handling complaints

Core job characteristics

How a leader can influence others

Top training courses availble

A seven step problem solving model

Are you ready for 360-degree feedback?

Seven types of interview questions

Three types of change

Barriers to competency development

How to measure absence and turnover

How to communicate change

Three effective coaching skills

Five types of mentoring programs

Four dimensions of business design

Benefits of coaching and mentoring

Stage of a corrective action program

The benefits of a customer driven organization

Two types of mentoring

How to cope with change

Successful benchmarking projects

Why we need coaching and mentoring

Seven laws of learning

The five why’s

How to create a vision of change

Why benchmark performance

The seven responsibilities of a lead auditor

Five alternative work schedules

The main advantages of great job design

How quality audits have changed

Six ways to start coaching

RADARS and effective complaint handling

Customer perceptions and expectations

Do you have an absenteeism problem?

What is employee absenteeism?

Types and causes of employee absenteeism

Is CRM a product or a process?

What is customer relationship management?

How to measure customer value

Why do you need to know customers?

What do customers really want?

Do we need to have customers?

Is customer service a process?

Three ways CRM impacts on an organization

The auditor from hell

The characteristics of real change leaders

What to avoid when leading change

Why do change projects fail?

Dimensions of organizational change

Competency and succession change

Benefits of competency development

The components of a competency

What are SMART objectives?

Seven types of power within companies

A three-step facilitation process

Seven types of interview questions

What is telesales?

Why do people buy

Buying signals and closing a sale


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