The Resilient Team


This resilient team training material can be used by trainers and business managers to run workshops on resilient teams. The training material is instantly available.

  • Download: Instantly Available
  • Customization: Fully Editable
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  • Audience: Suitable For All Employees
  • Duration: Full Day
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Teach your audience about resilient teams with these off-the-shelf and customizable training material for corporate trainers and business managers.

You know there are many possible reasons why you want to develop a resilient team.

You may also be aware of changes facing your business; you may feel that individual members are not combining effectively as you would like, or you may need to change your team’s work to introduce new products or services.

All of these will now demand a new type of teamwork in your section.

The course will you achieve these goals.

This course is suitable for all categories of employees and can be used within a wide range of companies.

What’s Covered?

Our psychologists, health promotion, and business professionals have designed these sessions to be as easy as possible to deliver while at the same time achieving excellent results for you. Our team has also ensured that each session will be as interactive as possible.

This material is divided into four self-contained modules.

Each module can be delivered in a 40-60 minute session depending on the discussions achieved and experience levels within your team.

Session I – Understanding Resilience

This session will allow you to explore how resilient the members of your team are. The session will also allow

you to discuss the characteristics of resilient individuals, teams, and organizations.

Session II – Change Management

This session will allow you to share a simple model of change management that will help your team manage change effectively.

Session III – Taking Control Of Change

This session will enable you to discuss how your team can respond to change more effectively by learning that they have more control of change.

Session IV – Our Resilient Team

In the last session, you will explore with your team where they are as a team and what areas of improvements they can now approach with greater resilience.

Optional Modules

We also include four optional modules that you may choose to deliver to your team to further their learning.

Optional Session I – Setting Goals

Optional Session II – Emotional Reactions To Change

Optional Session III – Urgency Versus Importance

Optional Session IV – Overcoming Procrastination

These modules can be run independently or to further complement this program. For each of these modules, we suggest that you print copies of the handouts provided and follow the format contained with participants.

You may choose to provide these handouts in advance of the session to allow your team to explore this material before the session. This will also stimulate more discussions and understanding. These optional modules concentrate on practicing and transferring additional skills that will help your team to be more resilient.

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The Resilient Team