The Resilient Employee


This resilient employee training material can be used by trainers and business managers to run workshops on the resilient employee. The training material isinstantly available.

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Have you ever noticed how some people bounce back from situations that would leave the rest of us lost?

What makes these people recover so fast and cope with change so easily?

We believe that this is resilience. And, we believe that training can help to develop more resilient employees.

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

“Resilience is an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.”

You may be feeling a little nervous or unsure about how this course relates to your audience. You may even feel that resilience is something we talk about but how many of us stand up and wear the t-shirt that says “I Am Resilient”.

Let’s get straight to the point by saying that there is nothing to be nervous about. In fact, let’s begin the way your audience will leave this course – Being Resilient.

But what does resilience feel like?

Well, in the matter of a few lines we’ve reached two central questions of this whole course.

1. What is resilience?
2. What does it feel like to be resilient?

Let’s now together continue to see how you can share answers to these questions.

In case you’re wondering we’re also going to answer the third most important question you may have.

3. How can a person become more resilient?

Teach your participants about employee resilience with these off-the-shelf and customizable training materials for corporate trainers and business managers.

This course is suitable for all categories of employees and can be used within a wide range of companies.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course your participants will:

  • Understand what makes people resilient
  • Be able to apply their understanding of change management to become more resilient employees
  • Apply resilient skills learnt on the course to many situations
  • Learn to be more resilient in their own lives

What’s Covered?

Key Learning Principles
Pre-Course Test
Learning Objectives

Section 1 – The Study Of Resilient People
How We Can Learn To Be More Resilient
What We Can Learn From Children
Five Lessons From Great Leaders
Six Strategies That Promote More Resilient Teams
Build Your Own Resilient Organization
Characteristics Of An Effective Coach
Resilient Skills – Sixty Second Workouts

Section 2 – Understanding Change
Recognizing The Need For Change
Drivers For Change
What Is Change
Rebalancing The Equilibrium
Communication During A Period Of Change
Taking Control Of Change
Emotional Reactions To Change

Section 3 – Learning To Manage Change
Creating Your Personal Vision
Goal Setting

Section 4 – Learning To Be More Resilient
Seven Steps To A More Resilient You
A Year Of Quality

Post-Course Test
Action Plan
Further Reading

What’s Included?

Instructor Guide
A 173-page Instructor Guide forms the basis of this Oak Innovation training course. This Instructor Guide outlines how easy it is to deliver this training course. All instructor guides available are also fully customizable.

Participant Manual
Every training course contains a fully customizable Participant Manual that you can provide to your audience. This 76-page Participant Manual offers every audience member with insightful and practical content on the training course that you will be presenting on.

Games And Icebreakers
Oak Innovation provides customizable and practical Training Games and Training Icebreakers that will benefit the delivery of all training courses. You can even decide which Training Games and Training Icebreakers should be included to meet the often unique needs of any target audience.

Advertorial And Expert Guides
A Course Advertorial and Pre-written 10 Expert Training Guides are provided for use with every course so that you are fully equipped to present these training courses. We also include slide and document images that can aid in the delivery of this course.

Bonus Course Material
Oak Innovation provides customizable Exercises and Tests that will target the needs of your audience. Further Reading Lists, Case Studies, and Course Evaluation Forms are also provided to benefit your audience.

Resilient Skills Handouts
Oak Innovation provides customizable resilient Skills handouts that will target the needs of your audience. Further Reading Lists and Course Evaluation Forms are also provided to benefit your audience.

Communication During A Period Of Change
Taking Control Of Change
Emotional Reactions To Change
Creating Your Personal Vision
Goal Setting
Resilient Quiz

The Resilient Employee