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What you’ll get:

  • 68-page facilitator manual
  • 48-page participant manual
  • 76 powerpoint slides
  • Practical exercises
  • Further reading
  • Course evaluation form
  • Action plan
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How to deliver a training course on technical report writing skills

This course is one we get asked about a lot. But here’s a little secret – technical report writing is one of our most sought after training courses in the last year.

To give you as much value as we can, here’s how you can access all the training material needed to deliver this training course (e.g., facilitator manuals, participant manuals, slides).

So let’s get right into it.

You want to be the best. The all-in-one download to get there is here.

This technical report writing skills training course is designed to meet the challenges faced by general operatives and line-managers who need to write technical reports as part of their duties.

So there are a few tried and true approaches, techniques, tricks, and interesting ways delivering this content that we want to share with you.

First, getting past any jargon in your courses is crucial. We encourage you to use the content provided to explore the obstacles to effective technical report writing skills. The next tip is to share the range of tools and techniques available.

The content can be delivered as part of a one-day training course, or used within all types of leadership skills development programs.

Let’s explore the content provided and look at how we would approach the delivery of this course.

Learning objectives

If you are looking for content to present your own business training course on technical report writing skills, this is the course material for you. And, you don’t have to be an experienced business trainer to get results like a pro.

What you’ll get:

  • 68-page facilitator manual
  • 48-page participant manual
  • 76 powerpoint slides
  • Practical exercises
  • Further reading
  • Course evaluation form
  • Action plan

At the end of this training course your participants will be able to:

– Identify obstacles to effective technical report writing

– Understand reports

– Understand a range of tools and techniques

– Use these techniques to build an effective process

– Explain the benefits of effective report writing

Course outline

In an effort to provide you with as much value as possible, we’re going to show you how we would use the content provided to deliver the key sections of this training course.

Technical reports – While the benefits of writing technical reports are apparent, it can seem like only a minority of employees will be able to deliver a professional document with sufficient clarity. This is something we frequently hear from clients with project management training needs.

One of the first ways to improve the value for your audience is to use the content to examine total quality management and regulatory information. Then, explore common problems that can happen while writing technical reports.

Preparing to write – Keep in mind that, like most forms of skill development, that it will take some time for your audience to get used to writing technical reports. While that might be hard for some of your audience to hear, their expectations must be realistic.

Use the content to share that when preparing to write a report the following essential elements must be taken into account:

  • Layout
  • Information sequencing
  • Illustrations
  • Simplicity of expression

Structuring the report – Your audience needs to think about how they will be crafting their reports.

For best results, make sure these materials resonate with your audience. We suggest that you include a company or industry-specific content based on what you know about your audience. If your audience can relate to your content, they’ll participate, and will engage more in sessions

Use the content to instruct your audience on areas like layout, style, and tone guidelines. These aspects form part of every excellently produced technical report.

Writing and editing the report – One of the most critical skills is around the actual writing and editing of the report.

The vast amount of your audience will know how challenging this aspect can be.

Use the content, to share insights on they can create their reports.

Regardless of what industry you are delivering these training in, you must include references to your personal experiences with report writing. The most significant opportunity to build on their learning will come from the quality of your interactions with them. Don’t be afraid to share these experiences.

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You have a story to tell, a business course to deliver, and experiences to share. These things are important to us also.

We shrink the process of creating training content so that you can deliver training courses that your audience will both learn from and will be excited to attend.

Explore how we’re partnering with our clients to change the way they deliver training courses. And, learn how our customers are continually meeting the needs of their clients.

“I have been using several Oak materials for quite some time. I found the content great with comprehensive details

These training materials are a well-structured series relevant to today’s HR professional. Information is well organized and easy to understand. Having the information available online speeds up cycle time and increases flexibility. Overall a welcome addition to any HR managers toolkit.”

Bernard Cronin
Director of Human Resources

“The sample module I obtained motivated me to purchase the entire set of 52! I immediately saw the value in being able to customize the materials to fit my audience and provide my clients with a choice of format (Powerpoint, Word, PDF). The attachments arrived in a timely fashion and were easy to access. I recommend these products to other coaches, trainers, and consultants who want an easy way to save hours and have presentations they can customize and call their own.”

Dr. James S. Vuocolo,
Master Certified Business & Personal Coach

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How to answer common questions

What are the main reasons we use technical reports?

Great technical reports aren’t just a matter of deciding to create reports within an organization. Here are the main reasons for the technical reports.

  • Detailing activities and results associated with investigating a customer complaint
  • Proving that a particular process or product has been validated and meets specifications
  • Providing reference material as part of a development project

What are the main things that make technical reports valuable?

Any company seeking to introduce technical reports should consider what will make reports valuable to their company. Here are some key characteristics that will make reports of value.

  • Based on fact
  • Accessible
  • Accurate
  • Complete
  • Compiled by competent people

What are the five quality levels associated with a technical report writing process?

Useful technical reports follow five quality levels.

  • Level 4: Managed and Sustainable - A robust process is in place and managed
  • Level 3: Organized and Repeatable - A sound process is in place and is being refined - training is on-going
  • Level 2: Rudimentary - A process is taking place but not always enforced
  • Level 1: Ad Hoc - Little or no coordination of technical report writing
  • Level 0: Oblivious - Technical reports are written by whoever has time

What are the most common problems associated with technical reports?

There is no one-size-fits-all in terms of common problems - especially when technical reports need to meet the needs of different groups. Common problems emerge when technical reports are:

  • Too long
  • Too short
  • Too much detail
  • Not enough detail
  • Poor presentation
  • Incomplete
  • Not required
  • Poorly structured
  • Inconsistent
  • Poorly written

What is the LEAVES criteria for assessing a report?

When assessing the value of a technical report, it is useful to ask is the report:

  • Logical
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate information
  • Value to the reader
  • Efficient use of language
  • Standardized style

What is the ABC guideline with regard to technical reports?

All technical reports should be:

  • Accurate - it is factual and objective
  • Brief - it is short without leaving anything out
  • Clear - it is understandable, complete and to the point

What are the main acronyms used within technical reports?

Below are some of the main acronyms that crop up within technical reports.

  • QC - Quality Control
  • IT - Information Technology
  • HR - Human resources
  • QA - Quality Assurance
  • ASAP - As soon as possible
  • IPC - In process checks
  • ppm - Parts per million

Can I edit the content and add my company logo?

Yes. You can now add your logo and customize the course content freely using Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. You can also deliver the course materials where, when, and as often as needed.

At last, the 52 amazing training courses to be the best

From global corporations to individual training professionals and business managers, we partner with people on their journey to deliver more types of training courses. This is why we do what we do.

Whether you’re just starting out or well used to delivering training courses, Oak Innovation has everything you need to meet the needs of your audience, engage participants, save you time, and ensure successful courses.

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