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  • 8 train-the-trainer guides, to add extra value.

From this 1-day training course, your course participants will be able to identify the main obstacles to effective leadership and understand formal and lateral leadership.

At the end of the training session, your course participants will understand leadership skills and explain the benefits of effective leadership skills.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training course your participants will be able to:

  • Identify the main obstacles to effective leadership.
  • Understand formal and lateral leadership.
  • Understand leadership skills.
  • Improve the quality of their leadership skills.
  • Explain the benefits of effective leadership.

What’s Covered?

You can use this training course material to present your own training courses on leadership skills.

Course participants will learn about leadership basics and the differences between leadership and management.

This course also covers leadership styles, as well as lateral leadership.

Below, we break down how you can present the 7 key sections of this training course.

1. Leadership
This content sets you apart from other leadership skills courses and pulls your audience closer to you.

When presenting this training course on leadership skills, it’s tempting to assume that your audience will already possess certain types of knowledge or skills.

This assumption is often incorrect.

So, it’s best to start with the basics.

First, use the material provided to discuss the characteristics and behaviors of effective leaders.

Then, invite your audience to share their experiences, the challenges they have, and their opportunities for learning.

2. Leadership and management
For best results, use the content to redefine the differences between leadership and management.

Not only does this content connect your audience to management best practices, but it increases their awareness of key leadership skills.

Plus, they’ll develop a better understanding of leadership theories. And, they will build more practical skills.

3. Leadership styles
Discussions around leadership styles are not new.

But, they are so important.

Here are five leadership styles to explore:

  1. Transactional.
  2. Transformational.
  3. Traditional.
  4. Negotiating.
  5. Charismatic.

The use of questions during this section will encourage your audience to think differently about leadership styles. For example: “What’s leadership style should be applied to your work challenges right now?” Or, “Do leaders generally use just one leadership style?”

Eliminate uncertainty by sharing insights on the leadership style continuum as presented in the course material.

4. Additional leadership styles
A distinct leadership style can boost the reputation of a leader. It can help them achieve results, build solid relationships, and grow their business.

In fact, most leaders define themselves based on “what they do” and not “who they are.”

One of the best ways to improve the skills of your audience is to outline a range of additional leadership styles. In particular, use the course material to explore McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y.

During this section, we suggest that you share your personal perspectives on leadership styles.


Well, it’s easy for leaders to fall into the trap of just staying within their comfort zone, and not challenging their knowledge base.

Sharing your perspectives will broaden how your audience adopts various leadership styles.

5. Forces and leadership style
Introducing lessons starts with great content. It’s important to focus on what is also important to your audience. Follow the content to highlight forces and leadership styles. Introduce your own stories of leadership situations and explore lessons that can be extracted.

Here’s are key areas to discuss.

  • Start with competency skills and commitment. To illustrate, in any team both competence and commitment and commitment will exist. Help your audience to understand that in team situations, the leader will need to adopt a leadership style that takes these levels into account.
  • In cases where there is Low Competence/High Commitment – the leadership style must be directing and provide structure, control, and supervision. In contrast, in High Competence/High Commitment situations – the leader can delegate and pass the responsibility on to the team members. As a result, leaders will be seen as competent if they can match their leadership style to the competence and commitment level present within a team.
  • Today’s business world can lead to many conflict situations. All leaders will need to be able to unpick these situations.
  • Discuss the importance of conflict management skills, how to influence others, and the need to manage expectations.

6. Lateral leadership
Remember, the simplest way to build a connection with your audience is to consider how they operate within their workplace – so it’s important at all stages that you try to put yourself in their shoes.

Think about what leadership styles they currently use. And, also what leadership styles they will need to develop

Then, use the content to:

  • Discuss lateral leadership. To illustrate, asking team members to contribute their views, perspectives, and thoughts, offering their opinions, beliefs, and insights, and doing something constructive with your team are all parts of lateral leadership.
  • Introduce a five-step model of lateral leadership.

7. When leadership goes wrong
Developing leadership skills seems quite straightforward, doesn’t it?

Your audience develops skills. They pick up some experience. A little tweaking and they’re ready to go.

What can go wrong?

Well, the reality is lots of things can go wrong. And, these experiences are normal.

Exploring how leadership can go wrong will further prepare your audience for various leadership situations that they will encounter in the real world.

Digital Download: What’s Included?

Participant Manual
Every training course contains a fully customizable Participant Manual that you can provide to your audience. This 50-page Participant Manual offers every audience member with insightful and practical content on the training course that you will be presenting on.

PowerPoint Slide Deck
Every set of training course materials from Oak Innovation is created to give you everything required to present this training course to various types of audiences. This course includes 80 customizable PowerPoint slides.

Games And Icebreakers
Oak Innovation provides customizable and practical Training Games and Training Icebreakers that will benefit the delivery of all training courses. You can even decide which Training Games and Training Icebreakers should be included to meet the often unique needs of any target audience.

Advertorial And Expert Guides
A Course Advertorial and Eight Pre-written Expert Training Guides are provided for use with every course so that you are fully equipped to present these training courses.

Bonus Course Material
Oak Innovation provides customizable Exercises and Tests that will target the needs of your audience.  Further Reading Lists and Course Evaluation Forms are also provided to benefit your audience. 

How Oak Innovation Changes Everything

Take control of each delivery of your training courses with practical training content.

Enhance all learning opportunities with pre-written training course materials that can be delivered at a team and at an enterprise level.

At last, customizable training course material that can be delivered easily in any situation.

Pre-written and customizable training course material ready for any learning opportunity.

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Key Features

Let’s take a closer look at just what this means for you.

  • Instantly available training course material makes presenting your courses easy. You spend less time creating content and more time doing the things that you love.
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  • No experience required means anyone can present the courses.

Accessing The Course Content

Once you have purchased this training course, you will be sent a confirmation email that contains a link that is needed to access the course content whenever you want.

Once downloaded, you have unlimited access to this course content – across any and all devices you own. And you can, of course, keep everything you download forever.

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