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An amazing set of training course material to deliver your own leadership skills training courses. Featuring an insightful Powerpoint slide deck and a customizable participant manual to cover all delivery situations. Expert training guides will keep you up-to-date with training and development best practices.

Get instant access to our amazing training course material on leadership skills. Immediately save time and kickstart your training courses.

What you’ll get:

  • 50-page participant manual to encourage learning
  • 80 Powerpoint slides to frame the training course
  • Practical exercises to stimulate learning
  • Reading list for those that want to keep learning
  • Course evaluation form to improve future course delivery
  • Course action plan to achieve future objectives and goals

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How to deliver an amazing training course on leadership skills

The landscape of leadership skills and business has changed significantly over the years. But, one aspect that has remained consistent. Basically, that is that all successful companies invest in excellent leadership skills.

We’re all about getting you prepared with incredible content that will help you respond with even greater confidence. So, do make sure to also scroll down to explore frequently asked questions that often get asked on leadership skills training courses.

To offer as much value as we can, we’re going to share with you training material that you can use to deliver your leadership training courses. We’ll also show you how to deliver this training course.

Let’s explore what you will receive.

You want to be the best. The all-in-one download to get you there is here.

Just imagine how you can establish your own leadership skills training courses with these innovative training course materials. With instant access to all the content, you’ll get complete control over how you use the material. Plus, you will have a leadership skills training course of your own that can reflect how you want to deliver it.

Whether you’re delivering this content as an external corporate trainer, instructing your team, or using the content online, this customizable, course content is the perfect partner for busy professionals. When you’re ready to deliver the course, simply add your logo to the practical training course material and you’re all set up to easily deliver this course.

What’s not to love about this training course material:

  • Instantly available so you don’t need to develop everything from scratch
  • Freedom to add your logo for the ultimate opportunity to brand everything as your own
  • Fully customizable so you can offer one-of-a-kind and unique delivery options
  • Total freedom to deliver the course where you want provides you with exceptional flexibility
  • All content is developed by industry experts offers you maximum confidence in the content
  • Everything is ready to deliver which saves you time and effort
  • Affordable so it won’t break the bank to get this training course material
  • No experience required so you’re guaranteed that this course is easy to deliver

And, now with more features than ever.

Say goodbye to endless hours of developing content from scratch. And, just imagine how wonderful it will feel like to deliver a successful training course on leadership skills (see sample course material below).

Deliver the training courses you want to offer

Oak Innovation course content saves you time by giving you an all-in-one set of training course material that enables you to deliver your own courses and stay ahead of the competition. Oak Innovation is loved by industry-leading professionals and used by a large group of users around the world.

Linda Harley, Training & Development Manager, Musgrave SuperValu Centra

“Oak provides a wide range of training modules for both organizational, management, and employee development. The training modules and manuals are very well designed and offer a practical solution to the provision of training. As the Training and Development Manager of a large organization I will be using Oak products as they are practical, effective, and can be customized for the needs of our company.”

Derek Johnston, Centre for Competitiveness

“As always your materials are very professional and comprehensive. Not only the core materials supplied but all the supporting marketing and evaluation documents included, which can be very valuable to busy trainers who need to meet a customer requirement urgently.”

Thamer Al Qudaimi, Rawafid Corporate Training

“I went over the course materials. They are excellent materials.”

Adam Knight-Markiegi, Policy Officer, Sitra

“Thanks very much for the problem-solving material. It’s all very comprehensive. You offer much more, which will surely help trainers a great deal.” –

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How to deliver this amazing training course on leadership skills

How many times have you heard yourself say or heard suggest that could develop an incredible leadership skills training course if only they had the time.

But we all know that it can be difficult to develop a training course on leadership skills.

And, let’s say it straight – there is no blame here. Time is one of those things that we are always chasing and losing in equal measures.

Now imagine getting a new Powerpoint slide deck to let you deliver the content of a leadership skills training course to others. And consider how it will feel to have a customizable participant manual which will allow you to concentrate attention on key leadership areas. We even encourage you to add your logo to brand everything as your own.

Sounds like a great plan?

Well, this leadership skills training course will address the challenges faced by line-staff, human resource professionals, general managers, and senior executives that occupy a leadership position. Plus, the course content will outline how leaders need to understand the differences between leadership and management, various leadership styles, and general leadership skills.

Let’s explore the training material in more detail and how you can use the content.

Learning objectives

If you are looking for content to present your own business training course on leadership skills, this is the course material for you. And, you don’t have to be an experienced business trainer to get results like a pro.

What you’ll get:

  • 50-page participant manual
  • 80 powerpoint slides
  • Practical exercises
  • Further reading
  • Course evaluation form
  • Action plan

At the end of this training course your participants will be able to:

– Identify the main obstacles to effective leadership
– Understand formal and lateral leadership
– Understand leadership skills
– Improve the quality of their leadership skills
– Explain the benefits of effective leadership

Course outline

In an effort to provide you with as much value as possible, we’re going to show you how we would use the content provided to deliver the key sections of this training course.

What is leadership – When providing any training course on leadership skills, it’s tempting to assume that your audience will already possess certain types of knowledge or skills. In our experience, to do this can be a mistake. And, of course, you don’t want to waste people’s time.

However, offering an excellent course that genuinely offers something new — and not merely a “Hey, look at my training content,” is critical to explore the role of leadership skills.

The big winners emerging from this space are those that will explore the role of leadership skills. And, the more you share your experiences, the higher the engagement you will generate.

Use the material to discuss the characteristics and behaviors of effective leaders. And, invite your audience to share their experiences, the challenges they have, and their opportunities for learning to encourage discussion.

Leadership and management – Here’s something else we want to show you. Your audience will want to emerge with as many leadership skills as possible. And, to clear up any expectations you should use the content to redefine the differences between leadership and management. This is important as many people can mix-up the two roles.

Leadership styles – This question of leadership styles is not new, but it can be difficult to communicate. Start this section by examining leadership styles, including transactional, transformational, and traditional leaders.

The content will allow you to explore negotiating and charismatic leadership. For best results, use the content to share insights on the Leadership Style Continuum.

Additional leadership styles – Most leaders define themselves based on “what they do” and not “who they are.” One of the best ways to improve the awareness levels of your audience is to outline a range of other leadership styles that exist. In particular, use the course material to explore McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y.

During this section, we suggest that you share your perspectives on leadership styles. This form of storytelling will make the content more meaningful to your audience. To put it simply, help your audience get the maximum benefit from the material presented.

Forces and leadership style – Many new leaders get told that if they lead their teams well, that they do well within companies. And, many leaders indeed do very well. Yet, some so many leaders work hard but still face challenges in the workplace.

Why does this happen?

Let’s briefly look at some of the content that you can share with your audience.

First, let’s consider competency skills and commitment.

In any team, both competenceand commitment and commitment will exist. Help your audience to understand that in team situations, the leader will need to adopt a leadership style that takes these levels into account.

For example, in cases where there is Low Competence/High Commitment – the leadership style must be directing and provide structure, control, and supervision. In contrast, in High Competence/High Commitment situations – the leader can delegate and pass the responsibility on to the team members. As a result, leaders will be seen as competent if they can match their leadership style to the competence and commitment level present within a team.

Second, the fast-paced nature of today’s business world can lead to many conflict situations that leaders will need to be able to unpick. Use the content provided to discuss the importance of conflict management skills, how to influence others, and the need to manage expectations.

While the expanding academic knowledgebase provides a wealth of sources of information for leaders, it brings challenges for leaders that want practical skills. One of the best ways to improve the capabilities of your audience is to use the content to discuss lateral leadership. To illustrate, asking team members to contribute their views, perspectives, and thoughts, offering your opinions, beliefs, and insights, and doing something constructive with your team are all parts of lateral leadership.

When you can help your audience to shift from seeing leadership as “a position they hold” to “everything that they do,” you will see a dramatic change in how they approach leading a team. A smart way to achieve this is to use the content provided to introduce a five-step process for lateral leadership.

When leadership goes wrong – In the end, there’s no single magic wand that will deliver excellent leadership skills for your audience. But there are lots of things that we can learn even when leadership skills are less than adequate. For example, when some individuals hear the words “Leadership Goes Wrong,” it can make them worry that they too will make mistakes. This feeling is natural and is justified. But that’s also why you should use the content to explore how leadership can go wrong. It will prepare your audience for various situations.

Amazing expert guides will get you to the place you want to be

Over the years, we noticed that some people, along the way, have asked for a little more creative input. And, let’s face it, there are times when we all need an extra spark to make our training courses shine even brighter.

So allow us to introduce our free expert training guides. An innovative collection of guides that mix inspiration, insights, techniques and skills, sprinkled with everything you’ll need to deliver successful training course. These guides are a security blanket of experience just for you. With eight free training guides instantly available, and each jam-packed with value, it’s the easiest way to get ahead.

  • Training icebreakers
  • How to select training materials
  • Training games
  • How to increase participation
  • Learn to improve your questioning skills
  • How to improve your listening skills
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people
  • How to evaluate training courses

Your courses, your way – everything you need to be the best

Within companies, across teams, on the go — wherever and however you want to deliver this course, it’s never been easier to put this content into action.

Wave goodbye to spending time developing training courses and say hello to awesome content that you can instantly download, customize, and even brand as your own.

You can download this training course material on leadership skills immediately after checkout.

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How to answer common questions

What makes an effective leader?

So how do you become an effective leader? Building leadership mastery can be a long journey. But, here are three factors that shape the development of effective leaders.

  • Traits or characteristics they exhibit
  • Behaviors that they show
  • Situations they find themselves in

What are the three main types of leadership styles?

Many new leaders struggle to find the leadership style that will best serve them as leaders. Here are the three primary forms of leadership that they can adopt.

  1. Traditional Leader
  2. Negotiating Leader
  3. Charismatic Leader

How can a leader influence others?

The leader’s job often includes having to change the attitudes and behaviors of those that they need to follow them. In general, this can be achieved by:

  • Giving praise and honest appreciation when it is due
  • Calling people’s attention to mistakes - but indirectly
  • Talking about your own mistakes before criticizing another person
  • Asking questions instead of direct orders
  • Letting the other person save face
  • Praise improvement
  • Give the person a reputation to live up to
  • Using encouragement to make any fault seem easy to fix
  • Make the other person happy about doing as you suggest

Can I edit the content and add my company logo?

Yes. You can now add your logo and customize the course content freely using Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. You can also deliver the course materials where, when, and as often as needed.

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