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How to get leadership and delegation skills training materials and save time

If you want to deliver a course on leadership and delegation skills, you have to use the right course materials.

Our leadership and delegation training course materials can be used by corporate trainers and business managers to easily deliver practical and effective courses to staff (e.g., managers, team leaders, supervisors and front-line staff).

You can deliver this course as downloaded, customize the content and even add your own logos to deliver the course as your own.

Start with a plan

Use these materials to help your participants to achieve their work objectives and goals. And, help them to focus on the relationship between leadership and delegation.

Course overview

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials provided.

What is leadership – Start this course by exploring what is delegation. Then, discuss the relationship between leadership & delegation skills. Next, examine the benefits of delegation to the leader. And, explore the difference between delegation skills and control.

Leadership theories – Next, you can explore different leadership theories. And, discuss the qualities or traits approach. Then, examine personality traits and the functional or group approach.

Functions & responsibilities of leadership – Then, highlight the concept of action centred leadership. Next, outline task, team and individual functions. And, explore leadership categories and styles.

The relationship between leadership and delegation skills – Next, focus on the path goal theory, accountability and authority.

What can be delegated – Then, explore what tasks should be delegated. And, what tasks shouldn’t be delegated. Highlight why managers don’t delegate. And, share why managers should delegate and when to delegate.

Delegation process – End by exploring a sample delegation process that participants can easily apply to any situation.

Course objectives

By attending this course your participants will:

– Understand the relationship between leadership and delegation

– Understand the main approaches to leadership

– Identify three important key terms (e.g., Accountability, Authority, Responsibility)

– Delegate more

What you get

You will instantly receive the following training course materials to deliver leadership and delegation skills training courses:

  • 50 page participant manual
  • 64 powerpoint slides
  • Practical exercises
  • Further reading
  • Course evaluation form
  • Action plan

Bonus free training materials available

You will also get the following free training guides:

  • Training icebreakers
  • How to select training materials
  • Training games
  • How to increase participation
  • Learn to improve your questioning skills
  • How to improve your listening skills
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people
  • How to evaluate training courses

Frequently asked questions from leadership and delegation skills training courses

What is delegation?

Delegation is the transfer to a subordinate the responsibility, authority and accountability for carrying out a particular task.

Why is it important for leaders to delegate?

Quite simply, successful leaders master the skill of delegating tasks. Delegation allows leaders to improve communication and increase moral, productivity and efficiencies across an organization.

What are the 5 main benefits to the leader?

  • Increased involvement by their team
  • Increased responsibility and ownership
  • Suitability for future roles can be ascertained
  • Specialist knowledge can be more readily employed
  • Increase in team and organizational effectiveness

What 3 tasks should leaders delegate?

Remember that to delegate, and not still be doing, means that you have to get others to do tasks for you, so it is vital to know what you should delegate. Here are some tasks that you should delegate:

  • Routine jobs
  • Tasks that others can do as well or better than you
  • Tasks that will challenge and develop staff

What tasks should leaders not delegate?

Here are a few tips on what not to delegate:

  • Confidential tasks
  • Staff appraisals
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Giving rewards
  • Technical tasks
  • If you alone have the skill

What are the 4 main reasons that leaders don’t delegate?

Start by evaluating your own behavior. Your analysis will highlight some factors that you might be normally not aware of. Look for:

  • Fear of losing control
  • Fear that others may do a better job
  • Perception that it takes too long
  • Lack of confidence in staff

What are six characteristics of an effective delegation process?

Here are some key characteristics to look for:

  • Clarification of objectives
  • Agreement of responsibility
  • Support & training
  • Monitoring & review
  • Freedom of action
  • Reward management

How will these training materials help you instruct leaders to delegate more?

These course materials are perfect if you want to hone the skills of your participants and ensure that they totally prepared for various leadership situations.

This leadership and delegation skills course will help your participants to overcome the obstacles to delegating tasks. They will also learn to identify what can and can’t be delegated. Participants will explore a range of tools and techniques that will help them to learn how to delegate effectively.

What are the three important key terms in the process of delegation?

Delegation involves following key three elements:

  • Accountability
  • Authority
  • Responsibility

Can I edit these leadership and delegation course materials to add my own content and logos?

Yes. We allow the full customization of our course materials.

Customer stories

“Time is money — we all know that. And as coaches, our billable time is worth a lot of money, but program development time is not. For a once off cost per training pack, you’ve saved coaches countless hours of program development time. Plus, because of the high-quality of your materials, you make us look good!

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Well done. You’ve put a lot of work into this and I am thrilled to see the result. All the Best.”

Sylva K. Leduc, MEd (Psychology), MPEC
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“While managing a team of in-house facilitators at a large company, I first discovered Oak in 2004. We purchased several training products from his company and were very pleased with the quality and price. Later, I purchased his entire portfolio of training content and still use them to this day. I must say, I was reluctant at first to do business with someone out of the USA as one is never sure of the integrity of the business. I can say, without reservation, Oak delivers what is promised and has consistently provided excellent customer service. If you’re considering Oak and still a bit iffy about purchasing from oversees. I’ll be glad to share my positive experiences regarding this company.”

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