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A ready to deliver one-day training program packed with lots of features. Designed to be easily delivered by corporate trainers or business managers.

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We offer auditing training course materials.

And, you can use them to train others about audit teams. Not to mind, auditing standards and schedules.

Finally, your articipants will learn about the types of audits available. And, how to complete an audit.

Plus, you’ll get content to teach others to:

  • Define types of audits.
  • Set up an audit schedule.
  • Form an audit team.
  • Perform a basic audit.
  • Manage relevant documentation.
  • Understand the audit process.


Why Audit?

  • What Is Auditing?
  • What Is An Audit?
  • Types Of Audit
  • Focus Of An Audit
  • Traditional Views Of Audits
  • Criteria Based Auditing
  • Audit Objectives

Audit Systems

  • Pre-Audit Activity
  • Audit History
  • Defining The Scope Of An Audit
  • Benefits Of Having An Audit
  • Scope
  • Audit Process Flow

Setting Up The Audit Team

  • Lead Auditor Responsibilities
  • Auditor Responsibilities
  • Guide’s
  • Responsibilities
  • Planning The Audit
  • Scheduling The Audit
  • Audit Documentation
  • Audit Checklists

Performing The Audit

  • Opening The Audit Meeting
  • Opening Meeting Attendees
  • Starting The Audit
  • Managing Your Activity
  • Gathering Evidence
  • Questioning Skills
  • Observation
  • Note Taking
  • Aborting The Audit
  • Audit Team Meeting

Effective Auditor Attitude

  • Auditee Tactics
  • The Auditor From Hell
  • Delivering The Audit
  • Delivering The Results
  • Recording
  • A Non Compliance
  • Scaling
  • The Non Compliance Reports
  • Non Conformance Reports
  • Closing Meeting
  • Corrective Action
  • Follow-up

What will you get?

  • 81 Page Facilitator Manual.
  • 87 Powerpoint Slides.
  • 67 Page Participant Manual.
  • 14 Expert Training Guides.

What bonus guides will you get?

It is our view, that we all can run better courses. Because of this, we’ll give you free guides to help improve your delivery.

First, we offer guides on icebreakers and games. Next, a guide on questioning and listening skills. Plus, a guide on how to select materials.

On top of that, you’ll receive a guide on evaluating training. Together with how to increase participation. Last but not least, you’ll get a guide on how to deal with difficult people.

Are there any free benefits?

It sounds so obvious, but we share our content.

So, you get the content you need. And, you get to add your own logos. In fact, you can run this content as your own.

Plus, you get unlimited rights. And, you can edit the material. And, use them where, when and as often as required. Check out our terms of use.

How to contact us?

Be sure to keep in touch with us.

And, ask about our training materials. Plus, our pricing. Not to mind, any download queries.

Our staff are standing by. And, are always ready to help.

Be sure to read our FAQ page.