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– Fully customizable 67-page participant manual
– 87 ready-to-deliver powerpoint slides
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– Expert training guides
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Target audience

These auditing skills training course materials will improve how participants at all levels within the workplace (e.g., line managers, supervisors and line staff) can take part in audits within their organization.

These course materials have been designed to be used by anyone that wants to deliver their own course on auditing.

Course overview

It is important that participants gain a solid grasp of basic auditing principles in order for them to effectively participate within auditing initiatives within their organisations.

The course content provides a clear understanding of the main aspects of auditing skills. In addition, the content will help your audience to develop core skills that will enable them to effectively participate within auditing projects.

The following topics are covered within the slides, manuals and support materials.

Why Audit? – The content starts by encouraging participants to understand what is auditing. And, what exactly are audits. Then, the content explores various types of audits. Plus, what should be the focus an audit. Use the materials provided to teach participants about the traditional views of audits (e.g., criteria based auditing and audit objectives).

Audit Systems – Use the content to instruct participants on pre-audit activity. And, how to create an audit history. Teach participants to define the scope of an audit while also understanding the benefits of having an audit. Use the content to discuss important aspects like the scope and audit process flow.

Setting Up The Audit Team – This section highlights the key roles that are necessary within any audit team. In particular, the role and responsibilities of the leader auditor. Use the content to explore how to guide, plan, and schedule an audit. You will then be able to instruct participants on audit documentation and audit checklists.

Performing The Audit – This section outlines the components of performing an audit from opening the audit meeting. Use the content to teach your audience about opening meeting attendees. And, how to start the audit. Share the importance of managing activity and gathering evidence. Use the content to instruct participants about questioning skills, observation, and note taking. The materials also provides insights on the need to sometimes abort an audit. And, end this section by discussing the role of audit team meetings.

Effective Auditor Attitude – Use this course in auditing skills to share with your audience effective audit tactics. Inspire them by describing the auditor from hell. Next, highlight the need to both deliver the audit and to achieve results. Explore the important elements of recording a non-compliance, scaling, non-compliance and non-conformance reports. And, share how to hold a closing meeting and corrective action. End, the course by stressing the need for follow-up.

Course objectives

Use this content to deliver your own course in auditing skills. Upon completion of these training materials your audience will be able to:

– Define types of audits.

– Set up an audit schedule.

– Form an audit team.

– Perform a basic audit.

– Manage relevant documentation.

– Understand the audit process.

Customer stories

“As always your materials are very professional and comprehensive. Not only the core materials supplied but all the supporting marketing and evaluation documents included, which can be very valuable to busy trainers who need to meet a customer requirement urgently.”

Derek Johnston,
Centre for Competitiveness

“I went over the course materials. They are excellent materials.”

Thamer Al Qudaimi
Rawafid Corporate Training

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