Employee Wellness

Are you looking for training materials to deliver your own employee wellness training courses?

Well, if you do that’s where we can really help you.

There are countless types of courses and content out there, so where do you start? Where do you focus your time? And, where do you get the content that you’ll need to present your own employee wellness courses?

Let’s look at the growing benefits of the health and wellness on employees. As a simple measure, there has been a growth in corporate wellness jobs, a focus on employee health and workplace health in general. And all of this activity highligting a shift on how companies are viewing their employees. Of course this is great news for companies and employees but how can you know which training courses to focus on delivering?

The simple fact is that you will never be able to meet every single health and wellness factor in a single course.

Why? Well, that’s just impossible.

But we’re quite aware that you can get amazing results from delivering your own courses. Hopefully, this is because you’ve also figured out that it’s all down to having the right course content.

Getting the right content

Whether it’s for a one day course, short sessions or within an instructor-led leadership or employee development series, Oak Innovation provides content so that you can deliver your own employee wellness courses.

We provide four sets training course materials that you can use. Course titles include:

Interpersonal skills
Stress management
Employee motivation
Employee absenteeism

All course materials are created in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint for ease of use

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