50 Fun Ice Breaker Questions

Meetings and workshops can need a little nudge every now and then to get everyone involved or even back on track. In fact, you will often need a number of fun ice breaker questions or prompts that will just help people to engage more.

What Are Ice Breaker Questions?

Ice breaker questions can be used during meetings, workshops, or activities to facilitate introductions, assist group formation, introduce topics/concepts/themes prepare participants for learning, and energize the group and team building.

50 Fun Ice Breaker Questions

  1. The 80s, 90s, 00s: When were you the happiest?
  2. Baths or showers?
  3. Can you curl your tongue?
  4. Can you live without your phone?
  5. Can you play an instrument?
  6. Coffee, tea or water and why?
  7. Do you ,like cats or dogs?
  8. Do you get dressed when you work from home?
  9. Do you have a bucket list
  10. Do you have a favorite fish?
  11. Do you like the mornings or nights more?
  12. Do you like working from home?
  13. Do you play any instruments?
  14. Do you play any sports?
  15. Has anyone ever said you look like someone famous, and who?
  16. Have you ever met your idol? And, what would you say to them if you did?
  17. Ice cream or frozen youghurt?
  18. Name a person from history that you would like to meet?
  19. Name a person still alive that you would like to meet?
  20. What animal would you like to be for a day?
  21. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  22. What instrument would you most like to play?
  23. What is your favorite color, and why?
  24. What is your favorite dessert?
  25. What one thing would you save if your house was on fire?
  26. What other name would you like to called?
  27. What superpower would you like to have?
  28. What TV show woulld you like to be on?
  29. What was your favorite subject in schoo, and whyl?
  30. What’s the funniest joke you’ve ever heard?
  31. What’s the funniest thing that ever happened you, and why?
  32. What’s you worst habit?
  33. What’s your dream job?
  34. What’s your favorite book and why?
  35. What’s your favorite meal, and why?
  36. What’s your favourite movie, and why?
  37. What’s your favourite song, and why?
  38. What’s the most embarrassing that ever happened to you?
  39. What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?
  40. When did you learn the truth about santa, and who told you?
  41. Where would ideally like to live, and why?
  42. Who was you favorite teacher at school, and why?
  43. Who’s your dream date?
  44. Would you like to be invisible, and why?
  45. Would you like to go to space, and why?
  46. Would you prefer to travel the world or just stay home and why?
  47. Would you rate yourself as a good dancer?
  48. Does heaven exist, and why?
  49. Does hell exist, and why?
  50. Would you like to be a bird, and why?

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